English Alumna Wins Singing Contest on Netflix

Posted Jan 04, 2021

By Madelyn Nelson ’23

Allison Asarch Netflix Winner 1
Allison Asarch ’18

After Allison Asarch ’18 graduated from Otterbein with a major in English creative writing and minor in music, she took her creative skills to Netflix, and won episode six of the streaming service’s singing competition show, “Sing On!” She sang five songs and beat five other contestants in the ’80s mixtape-themed episode.

Although the episode premiered on Netflix in 2020, Asarch filmed in London in 2019 — and kept the secret for over a year, “It’s a big secret. People knew I was going to London, but I couldn’t tell them what happened,” she said.

Asarch has been passionate about music her whole life and works on her music in Nashville, where she now lives.

“There is a lot in the works, which is really exciting. It’s the beginning of a long journey, but I’m super excited about it. Nashville has definitely been the right choice for me,” she said. “I am writing [music] like crazy. We are hoping for the end of January or early February for an album. Also, I’m hoping to start shows — pending COVID.”

Asarch has released two singles. Her first song, “Taylor Made,” reflects her appreciation for Taylor Swift and the impact Swift has had on her life and career. Her second song, “The One,” expresses how everyone has the power to be “The One” for someone else by just making them smile and making their day.

 The Houston, Texas, native took her first step toward her music career when she moved to Westerville to attend Otterbein in 2014. Of her first campus visit, she said, “I loved how close-knit everything was and I knew I’d really know my professors. I loved that I could walk Uptown — it was a definite yes.”

Asarch reflected on her Otterbein experience, saying, “I miss a lot of things about Otterbein. One thing that I really do miss is choir. Every day, being able to take a breath and sing together. We were all happy and it blended well. It was a great therapy session, even though we were singing. It was a nice break from the stress of school and all the things going on in the world.”

Her love of choir led her to join the Vox Grata Women’s Choir when she moved to Nashville. The choir director’s husband attended Otterbein, reminding Asarch that there are Otterbein connections everywhere. To her, finding them is encouraging and comforting.

If she had to give advice to a first-year Otterbein music student, Asarch would say, “Know that you can go to your professors and ask them anything. If you are struggling, there are ways people can help you. We have the most amazing staff at Otterbein in the Music Department, and just know you can go to them for anything and they’ll help you out. Our little music family is great.”

Asarch is proof that Otterbein equips students to achieve big dreams, even as a young college graduate. After taking her talent to a hit Netflix show, she is pursuing her dream of being a professional singer in one of the country’s biggest music cities.

Her songs are available on iTunes and Spotify.