Ask the Expert: How to get a Professional Head Start

Posted Oct 13, 2022

Kasey Morris
Kasey Morris ’19

College is an important time to start preparing for your professional career, whether that be by developing a resume, doing internships, or undergoing job interviews. Business analytics graduate Kasey Morris ’19 recently published a book to help students that are looking to work in the business world, titled Head Start: A Recent Grad’s Guide to Getting a Professional Head Start.

Morris offers her advice to Otterbein students on how to get a professional head start.

  1. Use your first year of college to solidify your major. Try different courses, prepare for your classes, meet with professors, and reach out to upperclassmen and alumni. Dig into the course material and seek out networking opportunities to find what excites you.
  1. Focus on academic performance. Grades and your GPA are important to prospective employers. Be sure to keep academics a top priority.
  1. Start building your resume early. Volunteer for causes you are passionate about, get involved on campus, find shadowing or research opportunities, and earn professional certifications in fields you are interested in.
  1. Take the leap of faith and apply for internships. The best way to learn is through hands-on experience. Get interview and professional experience by applying for academic and summer internships.
  1. Make connections and grow from learning opportunities. Find mentors who can provide advice and insight as you prepare for your full-time professional career. Keep notes of things you learn and always be willing to grow and adapt to new opportunities.

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