B.S. in Business Analytics

People generate a staggering amount of data on a daily basis by visiting websites, posting status updates and photos on social media, using coupons and rewards cards, and through insurance policies and credit card usage. The information from all of these sources are gathered and used to generate a picture of each individual. Companies record consumer activities and purchase reports from data providers. Combining all this data into a central location enables companies to develop products – goods as well as services – that meet their customers’ demands. This database is commonly referred to as “Big Data.” Companies recognize that the value of Big Data lies not within the data itself but with the person who can interpret the data and recommend products based upon the picture it represents of the customer base. The person who creates this value is known as a business analyst. Their specialty – business analytics – comprises a variety of activities and requires knowledge and skill in statistics, written communication, presentation, marketing and finance among many fields. The Otterbein Business Analytics major reflects professional development in a liberal arts tradition.

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the business analytics profession will increase by more than 20% over the next 10 years, with an expected median salary of more than $60,000. Students can find internships and employment in a variety of fields including politics, retail and distribution, finance, insurance, banking and many other areas. The Otterbein Business Analytics degree prepares students for careers in a wide variety of positions in organizations of all sizes.

Want a business career working in the Sport, Recreation, and Leisure industry?

At Otterbein, you’ll learn from a unique curriculum, gain real-world experience in “sport” through numerous practicums and internship opportunities all four years, be able to network with professionals in the field, and be supported by faculty who are passionate about seeing you succeed! At the end of your college career, you’ll be strongly positioned to be a leader in a “sports” industry area such as: marketing, public relations, sales, stadium/arena management, retail, law, media, broadcasting, event management, finance, athletic administration, and many more.

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The professors are incredible when it comes to supporting you and helping you achieve your goals. If you have ideas for a project, need extra help with class work, or need to talk through other career oriented concerns, they are great about finding solutions and getting you to think bigger than where you are in the moment.

Lauren Barker (Kess) ‘21

Business Analytics and Business Administration & Management, double major, Graduate with Distinction
Senior Analyst of Workforce Management at Nationwide