Diverse Perspectives Belong in Education

Posted Sep 27, 2023

As teachers across the nation grapple with book bans, censorship, and backlash regarding Critical Race Theory (CRT), Ohio colleges and universities grapple with Senate Bill 83. SB 83, in short, overhauls public universities by creating policies for vaguely defined “intellectual diversity” and controversial concepts; banning mandatory DEI programs and training; banning affinity groups and affirmative action policies; banning public positions on vaguely defined “controversial” issues; banning striking and forms of collective bargaining; and several other provisions.

The Otterbein University Education Department has connections with the statewide coalitions Honesty for Ohio Education and Erase the Space, which are fighting to make sure SB 83 does not become law.

The Otterbein Education Department will continue to cultivate intellectual inquiry and diverse perspectives. We are committed to help prepare caring, effective, culturally responsive teachers — for all students.

Dee Knoblauch, Ph.D.

Education Graduate Director