Five Questions with New Athletic Director Greg Lott

Posted Aug 04, 2023

Athletic Director Greg Lott will be a new face on campus this fall. He is excited to hit the ground running — and not just because he’s a former collegiate and professional track athlete!

In fact, Lott has been a student-athlete, a professional athlete, a college head coach, an assistant professor, and an associate director of athletics. Let’s get to know more about him with five questions!

You have described your approach to athletics as “holistic.” What does that mean in theory and practice?

Lott: Sport provides a unique environment where student-athletes constantly pursue their best. This pursuit is in an area of absolute passion, is time sensitive, and is visible to all. Athletes must strive for both individual and collective excellence. Thus, for an athlete to truly excel in their sport, they must develop as a human – mental, physical, and emotional capacities – in addition to developing sport-specific skills. I wholeheartedly believe that our primary job is to help students realize the educational potential of sport. A holistic approach starts by framing the sport experience in this manner. It involves providing opportunities and resources that help students grow comprehensively and it involves working with coaches to ensure they have what they need to cultivate such growth throughout the experience.

How has your experience as a D-III and professional track athlete informed your approach to your work?

Lott: I have been fortunate enough to have been engaged in sport at every level as an athlete. I cherished my experience competing at Dickinson College, but I also knew that I still had much to learn about becoming a great athlete. Competing as a professional gave me greater exposure to everything that is involved in the pursuit of human potential. And I have been able to continue to learn throughout my professional journey. I love Division III for the balance and perspective it allows for participants. But that does not mean that it is a lesser version of sport. I very much want our athletes to excel on the playing field. My experiences have been quite helpful as I have mentored athletes and coaches in their pursuit of athletic excellence within the structure of D-III.

What are you most looking forward to in your new role as Otterbein’s athletic director?

The easy answer is working directly with coaches and student-athletes to help them grow and achieve. But I’m also so excited to engage the department on what we want to be moving forward. The time is right to put together a plan for the future of Cardinal Athletics. This will include facilities, organizational structure, and ways to engage the campus and our extended Cardinal family more effectively.

What is the biggest opportunity you see for Cardinal Athletics?

Lott: There are several areas where I believe that we are just starting to scratch the surface in what is possible for Otterbein Athletics – student-athlete development, recruiting, retention, and fundraising. I’ve met many bright, driven people across campus that are doing great things. I see fantastic opportunity in putting more structure to specific partnerships that will enhance the way we all work together.

What is one thing you want every current and future Cardinal student-athlete to know about you?

Lott: I’ve always been intrigued by college mascots and have developed quite a collection of them (stop by my office if you want to see). I’m pumped to be at an institution with such a phenomenal mascot. Go Cardy!

Oh, and also that I genuinely care about you as an individual – your education, your development, and your connection to the institution!