Otterbein Donors Support Students During Pandemic

Posted Mar 11, 2021

Students have had to face a new list of college essentials over the past year, and donors are working to make sure they can afford them — and overcome any other financial obstacles to completing their degrees. 

Face Masks Incentive 1

Facial coverings, hand sanitizer, and other necessities increase living expenses, while job opportunities have become more limited. Knowing that Otterbein is an incredibly supportive community, it was no surprise that faculty, staff, alumni, donors, and friends of the University wanted to help.  

The spectrum of student needs was a testament that the impact of the pandemic was significant. Students submitted their needs through a special application for monetary support and here’s what some of our students shared:   

My main source of income was gone and the light at the end of the tunnel was hard to see. When I received my funding, it was like an elephant was lifted off not only my shoulders, but my family’s as well. I was able to help with groceries, purchase professional attire for job interviews, and even support a few local Westerville businesses.”  

“This funding has allowed me to pursue a graduate education. The program I enrolled in begins in a couple of weeks and prior to receiving this funding, I had no way to fulfill the first installment of my payment plan, forcing me to consider dropping out before I even had a chance to begin.”  

“With the pandemic I have not been able to work, leaving me worried and stressed with costs of preparing to enter medical school and paying for tuition. On top of school, no job and summer classes, I have also been taking care of my grandfather who suffers from stage 5 dementia. This financial help is such a blessing and another reason why I love Otterbein University. I will be using this money to pay for my textbooks and costly med school application fees.”  

“This aid will help cover much of the cost of my winter housing, giving me access to a safe and consistent environment that is conducive to my learning. I can focus more on my education and feel like I really have the tools I need to succeed.”  

One thing is certain: every Otterbein student has had a unique journey over the past year that will shape and mold them as individuals.  

As part of the “For the Love of Otterbein: The Time is Now” initiative, we are working to secure one donation for each of the 2,565 students at Otterbein because our entire campus community is motivated by one goal: helping our students succeed. To learn more and support one of our wonderful 2,565 students, visit