Otterbein Host and Tour Guides Roll Out the Red Carpet

Posted Mar 08, 2021

Some of the Office of Admission’s most impactful employees are its host and tour guides — students who introduce prospective students and families to Otterbein’s campus and answer their questions along the way. These students are responsible for some of the first impressions a family has of the Cardinal Community.  

The campus tour is often the first time a student has been on campus. It starts with a 30-minute informative presentation from an Admission Counselor, followed by a campus tour led by a student host and tour guide.  

On the tour, guests visit the academic buildings, ask questions about everything from class workloads to food, and get a feel for what it’s like to be a student at Otterbein.  

Otterbein’s host and tour guides are true representatives of the Otterbein student body. Here’s what they have to say about their job: 

Olivia Pancake

“I’ve been told that when a student walks onto a campus that they love, they will feel at home and overwhelmed with excitement. Sometimes it just takes a visit in order to know which school is the right fit. College is all about taking you towards the next step, so when you find a university that gives you a sense of belonging, you know you will flourish there. Being part of that makes the tour fun and memorable.” 
Olivia Pancake ’21 
Double major: Zoo and Conservation Science, Biology 
Naples, Florida 

Abby Zerkle

“I think every campus has a personality and this cannot be determined simply by reading a brochure. I want to give the prospective students and their families the most complete picture of Otterbein I can. Choosing a college is such a difficult decision and I love to answer questions and be a part of that process. I came on a couple of campus visits to Otterbein before I finally decided I was going to come here. My favorite memory is from my last tour here, when I truly felt like Otterbein was the place for me. I walked down the steps of Clippinger Hall and told my parents ‘I’m going to Otterbein.’”  
Abby Zerkle ’21  
Major: Systems Engineering 
Springfield, OH 

Annie Livesay

“My favorite part about being a tour guide is getting to meet new people and show them the best school in the world! I want families to see how tightly knit our Otterbein community is. We are one big family.” 

Annie Livesay ’23 
Major: Special Education  
Tipp City, Ohio 

Allsion Gould

“Campus tours are important because they give prospective students the opportunity to see themselves living and learning here. My favorite part of being a tour guide is getting to show off Otterbein and everything that we have to offer to new students. I always hope that families learn everything that they want to know about Otterbein and that they make a connection with our community. One of my favorite tours was when the student had decided to commit to Otterbein by the end of the tour. It’s moments like that when I know that I am making a difference for these students.” 
Allison Gould ’21  
Double major: Zoo and Conservation Science, Biology  
Erie, PA 

Fernando Jose Chairez  23 2a

“The tour we give is meant to feel individualized, even in a group, so the student feels like our campus is there to help in both their academic and social goals. For me, the connection is key to making the tour unique and it only improves with each tour I give. I hope for families they see why the social atmosphere here is one where no matter who you are you will find a niche. That’s what keeps me being a tour guide.” 
Fernando Jose-Chairez ’23  
Major: Spanish and Latin American Studies 
Columbus, OH 

Kaitlyn Bader

“My favorite part of being a tour guide is all the connections I get to make with the students and families I meet each day. Every student has a unique story they’re bringing to Otterbein and I love being able to talk with them about their experiences. There is a place for everyone at Otterbein. You truly will find your passions to study and participate in. I love telling families about those opportunities.” 
Kaitlyn Bader ’21  
Major: English Literary Studies   
Massillon, OH 

Madelyn Nelson

“Campus tours help students visualize campus and where their classes, residence halls, and activities would be located. I hope the students on my tours feel like they could build a college experience here. Personally, I remember my tour guide and I even connected with her when I came to campus as a freshman. I love bragging about how much Otterbein has changed my life and how other students can experience it too.” 
Madelyn Nelson ’23 
Major: Public Relations 
Coshocton, Ohio