Otterbein Professor Connects Alumna with Internship that Turned into Full-Time Job

Posted Mar 11, 2022

Bridget Oder ’23

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Rachel Fish ’21

Rachel Fish graduated from Otterbein in December 2021 with a major in public relations. Staying in touch with her professors led to an internship and, eventually, a full-time position.

Senior Instructor Dan Steinberg knew Fish was interested in working in graphic design. He sent her a job posting for an assistant graphic designer with Sports Imports, a volleyball equipment and design firm. She applied, interviewed, and got the position.  

While working as an intern for Sports Imports, Fish assisted the lead graphic designer, creating custom designs for a variety of volleyball products for different schools and organizations. She also assisted with social media graphics.

“My favorite part is getting to see my designs printed into tangible products, and then seeing photos of those products in our customers’ facilities,” Fish said. “It’s really exciting to see that final product after all of the design work that goes into it.”

As product demand continued to grow, a full-time graphic designer position was created in January 2022. Fish’s manager encouraged her to apply.

The duties of this position focus on custom products, and the lead graphic designer would shift into more of a marketing design role. Fish was offered the customization specialist position, transitioning her internship into full-time job. She is responsible for designing all of the customized products Sports Imports offers, and overseeing the quality control process.

Keeping up with the demand of custom products being requested is the most challenging part of her job, said Fish. They are continuing to have record-breaking numbers month after month in the number of designs being ordered.

“I’m looking forward to seeing what new custom products will be developed and launched, and finding ways to be creative with them,” Fish said. “It’s been really gratifying to be part of the innovation process for all the new products.”