Recent Otterbein Alumnus Lands Dream Job as Columbus City Schools Spanish Teacher

Posted Feb 18, 2022

By Bridget Oder ’23 

When Alex Natividad graduated from Otterbein with a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Latin American studies and education, he already had his dream job lined up. He has been teaching at Columbus City Schools since August 2021.  

Otterbein prepared Natividad for success in the classroom in many ways. Otterbein understood that he came from an urban school with a K-12 education. Therefore, they strategically placed him in schools different than his own schooling experience to have him gain an understanding of a wide variety of students.  

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Natividad speaking at the 2021 Otterbein undergraduate Commencement ceremony

This also taught him the differences in resources and funding between different school districts/buildings. Otterbein — specifically his education advisor, Associate Professor Bethany Vosburg-Bluem — worked closely with him to ensure that he was practicing his educational strategies and methods acquired in the education courses at Otterbein to prepare him for his future job.  

“Teaching is going great. I am sure that this year is nowhere near what a normal year is, due to COVID but I think I am now living the dream I worked so hard to get,” Natividad said.  “Teaching is a job that you can go to college to assist you and equip you with powerful strategies but a profession that can only be mastered through practice. A profession that you must have your heart in it, in order to do well. Students can clearly read a teacher’s passion or dedication for their career and intention of teaching.”  

His favorite part of teaching is knowing that he, as a Columbus City School alumnus and a Hispanic and Latin teacher, can inspire students that have similar backgrounds as him. His favorite part is being that person in an position or authority and influence that the Black, Brown, and White children can see as a positive role model to help disintegrate the negative image the media has created for his people. 

Another favorite part about teaching for him has been working with all types of students and learning from them. It is very rewarding for him to form professional relationships and connections with the young minds that will grow to be our leaders. 

“One of my struggles was adjusting to the position of being the official teacher in a classroom. When in college, we’re placed in another teacher’s classroom but as a professional, we have 100% of the responsibilities and a lot of them leave with you after you leave work,” Natividad said. “This is a very rewarding career but also a very demanding one. So, my challenge has been adjusting to the demands and maintaining a healthy work/life balance.”  

Natividad is looking forward to many successful years to come with his teaching profession, and appreciates his professors at Otterbein for helping him get the best possible start to his career.