B.A. in Spanish & Latin American Studies

Modern Languages & Cultures Majors

  • B.A. in Spanish & Latin American Studies
  • B.A. in Spanish & Latin American Studies (with teacher licensure)

With over 37 million Spanish-speakers in the United States, Spanish is the second-most spoken language in the country – and it’s growing! In fact, the U.S. is second in the world in its number of Spanish-speakers, making it an essential asset in jobs, education, politics, and more. It is also the official language of 21 countries with over 400 million speakers around the world. This makes studying Spanish a smart choice!

As a Spanish and Latin American Studies major, you’ll develop a strong foundation in the language to advance your communicative proficiency and cultural understanding. Through the study of Iberian and Latin American language, cultures, and literatures, our small classes help you understand and appreciate linguistic and cultural diversity in your classes, in your travels, and in your career. You’ll cultivate your identity as a global citizen as you study how languages and cultures form the basis for academic, social, and ethical ways of thinking, creating, and researching. Learn more about how our program helps you develop your strengths to achieve your goals!