Sean Moneypenny: Otterbein’s Longest-Running Radio Host, Award-Winning Sports Reporter, Dedicated Student, and Outstanding Employee

Posted Jul 07, 2023

By Maggie Nicol ’25

When Sean Moneypenny joined Otterbein as an HVAC technician in 2005, he had no idea his dreams of being on the radio would become a daily part of his life. But he was encouraged to follow his passion while being a part of the Otterbein community.

For Moneypenny, being around the radio is a trait that runs in his family. Growing up, he had an uncle who worked for WBNS in the 1960s. Another uncle, Bill Smith, also has his own radio show in Boston that is well known there.

On April 22, 2008, at 6 a.m., Moneypenny made his debut on WOBN, Otterbein’s student radio station. For the past 16 years he has hosted Money’s Mornin’ $how, making it the longest-standing radio show in Otterbein’s history.

“What is neat about WOBN is, after you get certified, you are on the air instantly. You get the opportunity to have your own show and talk about the topics that you want to talk about,” he said. “Part of making the most of an experience is being open-minded and exploring the opportunities that are around you.”

Adding to his radio achievements, Moneypenny and Sam Shalvey ’22 placed second for sports reporting in the 2023 Ohio News Media Association Awards — the highest honor the T&C has ever received in the category.

T&C Media has had Moneypenny cover a variety of stories. His goal is to think outside of the box and find stories that typically are not heard about. In 2020, he wrote an article that received notice, A university’s athletic equipment manager’s Job is more than just dirty laundry. It showcased George “Skip” Ford and the measures he takes to ensure that sporting events run smoothly, student athletes have the tools to perform successfully, and visitors feel welcome on campus.

“I like to think of being on the radio as ‘audio art’ — at any point in time, something can happen. I can make it my own by adding in sound effects and giving listeners a window to see my personality,” Moneypenny said.

He believes that the reason the show has been going on for as long as it has is because of the joy that it brings to others. Whether it is meeting the characters of the show like Pops, Cleatus Hapsfield, and Rocking Ronny, or tuning in on the weekdays for an hour to listen to the personality behind the creator. Putting a smile on a person’s face Moneypenny’s goal each day that he is on air.

In addition to his love of radio broadcast, he has a long-standing goal that goes deeper than the airwaves.