Emily Tansey



Part-Time Faculty in Bio-Chemistry
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Emily has been a part of the Otterbein community for a little over 15 years. In the department of Chemistry, she teaches General Chemistry lecture and lab courses for nonmajors and the Biochemistry/Organic Integrative Studies course. She also teaches multiple Biochemistry labs and a biochemistry of food course for the Program in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Emily grew up in Zanesville, Ohio and graduated with a B.S. degree in Chemistry from Milligan College in Tennessee and a M.S. degree in Biochemistry from East Tennessee State University. She was a staff scientist for 6 years at the National Institutes of Health – National Institute is Child Health and Human Development working with Dr. Chris McBain in a neuroscience lab studying voltage-gated potassium channels and their role in epilepsy patients. She came to Otterbein from The Ohio State University where she worked with Dr. Christine Beattie in a neuroscience lab studying Spinal Muscular Atrophy and managed the Zebrafish Research Facility. In 2019 Emily received the Part-Time Teaching Award for her work in General Studies. Emily’s favorite part about Otterbein are the students she meets every year in her classes and the dedication they have to working hard and making the world a better place. She recently developed an entirely new course for the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BMB) program: “Biochemistry is a Piece of Cake,” which focuses on food chemistry as an accessible and engaging introduction to chemical and biochemical principles.