Frank E. Dobson, Jr.

Frank E  Dobson Jr



Chief Diversity Officer
Office of Social Justice & Activism

Frank E. Dobson, Jr., Ph.D. has served as an instructor and administrator at a number of institutions, including Bowling Green State, Vanderbilt, and Wright State.  Frank has directed Black cultural centers at two institutions, and led numerous diversity and equity efforts, including the Posse program at Vanderbilt and the Freshman Prep Program at Lafayette College.  Frank is involved in community service and activism, including serving as the board chair for the Launch Mentorship program in Nashville, TN. He is also involved in a mentoring program with Westerville South High School. Frank is a published author and scholar, with two novels, The Race is Not Given, 1999 and Rendered Invisible, 2010.  He has published numerous scholarly articles, including on such diverse figures as Clint Eastwood, Spike Lee, and Woody Strode.  Frank is currently co-authoring a children’s book on the trailblazing congresswoman, Cardiss Collins, one of the first Black women to serve in Congress.

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