Michael Hoggarth

Michael Hoggarth



Science Center, 144D

Department of Biology & Earth Science

Dr. Michael Hoggarth is an aquatic ecologist who teaches classes for majors and non-majors at Otterbein. He is a member of the Zoo and Conservation Science Committee and the STEAM Advisory Council. He teaches Field Zoology, Invertebrate Zoology, part of the Introductory Animals and Ecology course and Aquatic Ecology to majors. His non-majors classes include Water for Life and Damn Dams! His research focuses on the assessment of aquatic ecosystem integrity and the ecology of freshwater mussels in the family, Unionidae.


  • Ph.D., The Ohio State University, 1988. Zoology.  Dissertation: The Use of Glochidia in the Systematics of the Unionidae (Mollusca:Bivalvia) 340p.
  • M.S., University of North Alabama, 1980. Biology. Thesis: A Study of the Distinguishing Characteristics of Obovaria jacksoniana (Frierson, 1912) and Obovaria unicolor (Lea, 1845) (Pelecypoda:Unionidae) 74p.
  • B.S., Seattle Pacific College, 1977. Biology.
Dr. Hoggarth CV

Research, Creative, & Professional Work

  • Ecology
  • Malacology
  • Water Resource Integrity
  • Aquatic Ecology


  • Hoggarth, Michael A. and Michael Grumney. 2016. The Distribution and Abundance of Mussels (Bivalvia: Unionidae) in Lower Big Walnut Creek from Hoover Dam to its Mouth, in Franklin and Pickaway Counties, Ohio. Ohio Journal of Science, 116 (2): 48-59.
  • Krebs, R. A., J. D. Hook, M. A. Hoggarth, and B. M. Walton. 2010. Evaluating the Mussel Fauna of the Chagrin River, A State-listed “Scenic” Tributary of Lake Erie. Northeastern Naturalist, 17(4): 565-574.
  • Watters, G. Thomas, Michael A. Hoggarth and David. H. Stansbery. 2009. The Freshwater Mussels of Ohio. The Ohio State University Press. Columbus, Ohio. 421 pages.
  • Hoggarth, Michael A., David A. Kimberly, and Benjamin G. Van Allen. 2007. A study of the mussels (Mollusca: Bivalvia: Unionidae) of Symmes Creek and tributaries in Jackson, Gallia and Lawrence counties, Ohio. The Ohio Journal of Science, 107 (4): 57-62.
  • For a full list of Dr. Hoggarth's publication, please see here.

Affiliations & Awards

  • 2014-2016 President, The Ohio Academy of Science, Columbus, Ohio (Past-President, 2016-2018; Treasurer, 2018-2019)
  • 2014-2018 Chair, Faculty/Staff Committee of The Comprehensive Campaign, Otterbein University
  • 1998 Fellow, The Ohio Academy of Science, Columbus, Ohio, Recertified, 2005
  • 1998 Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society, The Ohio State University, Columbus
  • 1997 Outstanding Visiting Professor, F.T. Stone Laboratory, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. Also in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2005, 2006, 2012 & 2013.