Nevin Horne

Director of Esports

Nevin Horne is a trailblazer in the world of collegiate esports, serving as the Inaugural Director of Esports at Otterbein University. His passion for esports began during his undergraduate years at Ohio Wesleyan University, where he immersed himself in the dynamic realm of competitive gaming, particularly excelling in Overwatch. 

With a solid foundation as a player, Nevin transitioned seamlessly into the organizational side of esports, showcasing his expertise as a Tournament Organizer at the pioneering esports startup, Generation Esports. Here, he spearheaded the management of the largest National High School Esports League in the country, demonstrating exceptional skills in event coordination and strategic planning. Nevin played a pivotal role in orchestrating Generation Esports’ inaugural in-person national championship, a testament to his commitment to advancing the esports landscape. 

Nevin’s dedication to cultivating esports talent led him to the University of Houston, where he assumed the role of Overwatch Coach. Under his guidance, the team achieved remarkable success, finishing among the top 40 teams in the country during the Spring 2023 Semester. Their achievements did not stop there; they qualified for the prestigious Collegiate Esports Commissioner’s Cup, a testament to Nevin’s leadership and coaching ability. 

Building on this success, Nevin further honed his coaching skills as the Assistant Coach at Huntingdon College, steering the Hawks to victory in the ECAC Divisional Championship in Overwatch. His ability to motivate and elevate players to championship levels underscores his impact on collegiate esports programs. 

Beyond his coaching and organizational roles, Nevin is a founding and active voting member of the Overwatch Collegiate Rankings Association (OWCRA). In this capacity, he contributes to shaping the narrative of college Overwatch by evaluating and voting on the top 20 teams in the nation. His involvement in OWCRA reflects his commitment to fostering a competitive and inclusive environment within the collegiate esports community. 

Nevin Horne’s multifaceted journey in esports—from player to tournament organizer, coach, and influential association member—underscores his comprehensive understanding of the industry. His leadership at Otterbein University promises to elevate the esports program to new heights, bringing a wealth of experience, strategic vision, and a passion for nurturing the next generation of esports professionals.