B.S. in Accounting & Public Accounting

Otterbein programs produce globally aware, ethically sensitive, technologically proficient graduates who think critically, communicate effectively and understand business. Our Accounting Program blends technical knowledge with a liberal arts background. We graduate students who are “preferred hires.” Employers know that Otterbein accountants are technically competent, personally engaging, highly motivated, ethically sound and well prepared to launch their careers.

Otterbein’s accounting program develops students’ technical and analytical skills while enhancing their global perspective which allows students to effectively communicate business information to a wide variety of stakeholders.

Otterbein offers both four and five year degrees.  The 5-year degree qualifies a student to sit for the CPA examination upon graduation.  The University also offers a “4 + 1” program that enables a student to graduate with an MBA from Otterbein.

Why Otterbein?

We believe that a well-rounded liberal arts education combined with the technical skills obtained from an accounting major will best equip the student to maximize their career and individual potential upon graduation. Students develop their social and communication skills, including reading, writing, listening and speaking through a variety of liberal art studies, and by participating in classroom discussions, composing business documents, participating in team activities, giving oral reports, and multiple assignments.  Students are always encouraged and coached in a way that strengthens student skill development and student self-assessment and resulting confidence.

Graduate School for Accounting Majors

The four-year bachelor’s degree in accounting provides the student graduate with a solid foundation for graduate study. Each year a number of Otterbein graduates go onto Ohio State University’s Master’s in Accounting program. Others have gone onto Master’s programs at Case Western Reserve University, University of Notre Dame, College of William and Mary, Bowling Green State University, and the University of Cincinnati.