Programs of Study in Business, Accounting, & Economics

Business, Accounting & Economics

Accounting & Public Accounting

B.S. in Accounting & Public Accounting Otterbein programs produce globally aware, ethically sensitive, technologically proficient graduates who think critically, communicate effectively and understand business. Our Accounting Program blends technical knowledge with a liberal arts background. We graduate students who are “preferred hires.” Employers know that Otterbein accountants are technically competent, personally engaging, highly motivated, ethically sound and well prepared to launch their careers. Otterbein’s accounting program develops students’ technical and analytical skills while enhancing their global perspective which allows students…

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Business Administration   Management

Business Administration & Management

B.S. in Business Administration & Management Otterbein University’s Business Administration & Management major is ideal for preparing students for a wide variety of careers in business or graduate programs including an MBA or law school. Students graduate with a broad knowledge base and hands-on experiential learning in business combined with liberal arts education. Students in this major will take introductory courses in accounting, business law, economics, operations, international business, marketing, and finance as well as degree-specific courses ranging from leadership…

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Otterbein Bae Analytics Competition

Business Analytics

B.S. in Business Analytics People generate a staggering amount of data on a daily basis by visiting websites, posting status updates and photos on social media, using coupons and rewards cards, and through insurance policies and credit card usage. The information from all of these sources are gathered and used to generate a picture of each individual. Companies record consumer activities and purchase reports from data providers. Combining all this data into a central location enables companies to develop products…

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Otterbein Economics Feaatured Image


B.A. in Economics Economics offers a unique way of examining individual and social behavior, often called the “economic way of thinking.” The study of economics provides powerful and surprising insights into many social issues such as discrimination, crime, poverty, welfare, education, income inequality and environmental degradation. Economists study how markets work and analyze the behavior of organizations. They also investigate the forces and trends that influence our standard of living, the fraction of the population that cannot find work and…

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B.S. in Finance Otterbein University’s Finance degree provides students with a solid background in both corporate finance and investments. Corporate finance is the study of how a company makes financial and investment decisions with a focus on how shareholder values are maximized both short-term and long-term. Investments focus on mutual funds, derivatives, securities, the functioning of securities markets and portfolio selection. Students are required to take a case course in finance which enables them to apply these concepts to real-world…

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Otterbein Bae Marketing


B.S. in Marketing Marketing focuses on the creation and maintenance of relationships. This focus includes issues related to branding, research, advertising, selling and developing products. Individuals who excel in marketing are creative types who sharpen their skills related to speaking, listening, writing and critical thinking. The Otterbein Marketing major remains one of the most unique majors in the country. The major provides a student-directed, student-led experience through all of its courses. Students hone their analytical, design, presentation and writing skills.…

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