B.A. in Communication Studies

Do you like to hold organizational leadership positions? Enjoy speaking in public and debating others? Have talents that include excellent communication skills, both written and verbal? Find that you are able to diagnose communication breakdowns and help repair them?

The answers to these questions might lead you to major in communication studies at Otterbein. From identifying communication problems and fixing them, to speaking confidently and clearly in public, you will learn and practice the elements of organizational and speech communication.

You will be guided by faculty members who have real-world experience and are actively involved in the ever-changing communications profession.

In Communication Studies classes you might:

  • Present information in various formats, including speaking and writing
  • Develop skills to persuade others, argue effectively and mediate conflicts
  • Think critically in order to speak confidently
  • Examine the internal workings of major corporations
  • Develop communication plans
  • Meet with managers and employees to suggest how to communicate more effectively

Degree Course Topics Include:

  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Argumentation and Advocacy
  • Intercultural Communication