Programs of Study in History & Political Science


Global Studies

B.A. in Global Studies The mission of the Global Studies B.A. program is to help students appreciate and understand today’s increasingly intercultural world and the interconnections that link citizens across the world. The program promotes learning and knowledge about the cultural, social, political, and economic forces shaping our world. Students will come to understand the impact of nationalism and globalism in shaping contemporary society. Students will also develop a vision of themselves as cooperative and responsible global citizens while preparing…

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Detroit Institute


B.A. in History Historians explore the processes of change that cross societies, connect cultures, and link our increasingly complex and global present with the past. By offering a range of courses covering the diversity of historical experience across the globe and from ancient times to the dawn of our own century, our History curriculum presents a rich field of narrative and analysis. Students gain a deepening awareness and curiosity about the past, acquire the essentials of the historian's craft, and…

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B.A. in Global Studies

Minor in Legal Studies/Pre-Law

Minor in Legal Studies/Pre-Law The Legal Studies/Pre-Law minor gives students interested in law and the legal system the opportunity to study various types of law, legal reasoning, constitutional analysis, political and social theory, the relationship between the law and society, and the principles of legal thought and decision-making. The Legal Studies/Pre Law minor also emphasizes analytical and communication skills that are crucial for success in law school and the legal profession, graduate school, and international business. See the Otterbein University Catalog for…

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Minors in History and Political Science

Minors in History and Political Science Minor in History The History minor provides students with a grounding in the methods of historical study while introducing students to the interconnected histories of Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America. See the Otterbein University Catalog for the complete History minor requirements. Minor in Political Science The Political Science minor introduces students to the study of politics and government in the United States and around the globe. See the Otterbein University Catalog for the complete Political…

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B.A. in Political Science

Political Science

B.A. in Political Science The mission of Otterbein's Political Science program is to foster leadership, civic engagement, and responsible citizenship. The major demonstrates the connections between political and social institutions, and fosters the analysis of the forces within political systems, including law, policy, race, class, gender, and the economy. It is committed to building a community of scholars through the critical assessment of and self-reflection on the methods, approaches, and perspectives of political analysis and engagement. The program is committed…

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