Educational Studies

The Educational Studies Program meets the needs of candidates who might be interested in Education as a major or minor but not necessarily as an avenue to classroom teaching. The Education Department has worked with other departments and developed a program that provides candidates with a bachelor’s degree and an opportunity to explore educational settings from diverse disciplinary perspectives and experience unique opportunities for internships outside of the classroom. 

This program can serve as pre-professional preparation for school psychologists/counselors, church-based educators, and non-profit leaders (e.g., Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, museums, latch-key programs, recreation programs). There is also a niche for educators in the corporate community, for example, as publishers, editors, and corporate trainers. Educational Studies is also available as a minor to complement your major with an education focus. 

Educational Studies students will select a concentration area with the help of their advisor. Please view the Educational Studies catalog for a complete list of courses in each concentration area. Concentration areas include coursework from the following disciplines:  

  • Communications 
  • Creative Writing 
  • Ethics 
  • Film Studies 
  • Human and Community Service 
  • Literary Studies 
  • Psychology 
  • Religion/Philosophy 
  • Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies. 

    For more information about this major, please contact Dr. Sue Constable 

    Recommended Four-Year Plan for Educational Studies

    Fall 1 Spring 1
    FYS 1000* Level First Year Seminar (3) or TYS 2000 Level Transition Year Seminar (3) (transfer students only). EDUC elective (EDUC 1700* or EDUC 1800*) (3) Consult with academic advisor.
    EDUC 1600*: Study of the School (4) Writing Intensive; Includes 45-hour field component. INST 1500*: Identity Projects: Writing and Literature (3) Writing Intensive (3)
    Math 1210*: Nature of Mathematics (3) or Math 1500: Introduction to Mathematical Thought (3) Concentration requirement* (see list of Ed. Studies Concentrations).
    Skills Course* (3) Skills Course* (3)
    EDUC 1700* or EDUC 1710 LFW* (1)
    EDUC 901-903 (Standardized Test Prep as needed; 1 credit each). EDUC 902 (Standardized Test Prep as needed (1)

    For admission to EDUC 1600, students must have a 2.5 overall GPA, have met test score requirements, and have a current FBI/BCI Background Check on file.

    Fall 2 Spring 2
    INST 2000* Level Interconnections (3) *Recommend INST 2011 INST 2200* Level: Reflection & Responsibility (3)
    Concentration requirement* (see list of Ed. Studies Concentrations). Skills course*
    EDUC 2000*: Educational Psychology: Adolescence, or EDUC 2200: Educational Psychology: P-5 (3) *Includes 20 required field hours Education Elective (consult with academic advisor).
      Concentration requirement* (see list of Ed. Studies Concentrations).
    General Elective (3) EDUC 3600 Multicultural Education (3) *Not required if INST 2011 is taken


    Fall 3 Spring 3
    INST 2400 Level: Natural Foundations (3) INST 2600 Level: Creativity and Culture (3)
    Concentration requirement* (see list of Ed. Studies Concentrations). Concentration requirement* (see list of Ed. Studies Concentrations).
    EDUC 2100*: Educational Technology, Adolescence, or EDUC 2300*: Educational Technology, P-5. (3) EDUC Elective* (consult with advisor)
    General Elective General Elective


    Fall 4 Spring 4
    EDUC 4900: Education Internship (3-12 hours)* (Consult with advisor). INST 2800: Global Cultures (3)
    EDUC 4720: Student Teaching Seminar (2) INST 3000: Integrative Seminar (3)
    Required Skills Course SYE Senior Year Experience (2-3) Consult with advisor.
      EDUC 4900: Education Internship (3-12 hours)* (Consult with advisor).



    Educational Studies Major

    General Education Requirements

    • First Year or Transition Year Seminar (3 hours) Integrative Studies (21 hours)
    • Skills Courses (8-9 hours)
    • Mathematics (3 hours)
    • Health and Physical Education Lifestyle Series (1 hour)
    • Senior Year Experience (2 hours)
    • Writing Intensive Requirement (9 hours)

     Major Requirements (31-40 hours)

    Core Courses (5 courses required) 

    EDUC 1600 – Study of the School – Writing Intensive (4)

    INST 2011 Equity Literacy (3) or EDUC 3600 Multicultural Education (3)

    EDUC 2520 – Exceptional Children: Adolescence (3)

    Select 1 of the following:

    EDUC 2000 – Educational Psychology: Adolescence (3) EDUC 2200 – Educational Psychology: Early Childhood (3)

    Select 1 of the following:

    EDUC 2100 – Educational Technology: Adolescence (3) EDUC 2300 – Educational Technology: Early Childhood (3)

    Elective Hours (6 hours required, consult with your advisor) – Choose 2

    EDUC 1800 – Health, Movement, and the Arts in Primary Education (3)

    EDUC 1710 or 1700, Phonics (3)

    EDUC 2400 – Social Studies in the Primary and Intermediate Classroom (3)

    EDUC 2500 – Science in the Primary and Intermediate Classroom (3)

    EDUC 2600 – Emergent Literacy in Inclusive Environments -Writing Intensive (3) (pre-req is EDUC 1700)

    EDUC 3210 – Pedagogical Content Knowledge in the P-5 Science Classroom II (3)

    EDUC 3230 – Pedagogical Content Knowledge in the 4-5  Social Studies Classroom (3)

    EDUC 3250 – Integrated Curriculum Internship, Grades 4-5 (3)

    EDUC 3630 – Adolescent Literature in a Comprehensive Reading Program (3)

    EDUC 3640 – Elementary Literacy Assessment and Instruction (3)

    EDUC 3800 – Literacies in the Content Area (3)

    EDUC 3850 – Using Literacy Across Disciplines in Middle Grades – Writing Intensive