Minor in Chemistry

A minor in chemistry is an excellent way to demonstrate an interest in and aptitude for a challenging STEM field. At Otterbein, our chemistry minor consists of the yearlong lecture/lab sequences in General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry, as well as one additional course in Analytical Chemistry. The minor can thus be easily completed by students pursuing coursework in the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BMB) major or pre-professional coursework; for these students, only one additional course is typically needed.

Moreover, students in any major can highlight their varied interests and skills by minoring in chemistry. Within the past few years, students completing majors in Biology and Earth Science, BMB, and Equine Science have all completed minors in chemistry. Students majoring in Environmental Science and Sustainability Studies may also want to pursue a minor in Chemistry to gain a deeper understanding than what is provided solely from their major and that may help them in future careers.