Programs of Study in Chemistry

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Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Programs - June 28, 2018
B.S. in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Biochemistry and molecular biology is the branch of science that examines life at the molecular level. Students will use the basic tools of chemistry and biology to dissect how organisms, cells, and molecules function. This major is rigorous, but provides flexibility to adapt to a student’s individual interests. Course Catalog > Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Home > Small class sizes mean that you will have plenty of individualized attention from your professors. Classes are…

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B.A. or B.S. in Chemistry


Programs - June 25, 2018
B.A. or B.S. in Chemistry About Our Program The Department of Chemistry at Otterbein is approved by The American Chemical Society (ACS), which means that a degree in chemistry from Otterbein is recognized nationally as meeting rigorous academic standards. The American Chemistry Society is the largest scientific society in the world with over 163,000 members worldwide. The Otterbein University Department of Chemistry offers an ACS-certified chemistry major to those students interested in a rigorous program of study that will prepare…

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Cm1 Chemistry1

Chemistry (Minor)

Programs - June 25, 2018
Minor in Chemistry A minor in chemistry is an excellent way to demonstrate an interest in and aptitude for a challenging STEM field. At Otterbein, our chemistry minor consists of the yearlong lecture/lab sequences in General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry, as well as one additional course in Analytical Chemistry. The minor can thus be easily completed by students pursuing coursework in the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BMB) major or pre-professional coursework; for these students, only one additional course is typically…

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Environmental Chemistry Major Featured Image

Environmental Chemistry

Programs - August 1, 2022
B.S. in Environmental Chemistry Environmental Chemistry is a pathway for students who want to combine their interest in chemistry with their passion for the environment. Our program at Otterbein is unique in that the major combines coursework in science with classes in the liberal arts and integrates hands-on experiential learning into the curriculum. Taking courses such as Environmental Sociology and Sustainability and the Environment in addition to problem-based Environmental Chemistry classes creates graduates who are well-rounded in environmental issues and…

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High School Teaching Licensure

High School Teaching Licensure in Chemistry

Programs - April 2, 2021
High School Teaching Licensure in Chemistry Otterbein is an excellent institution for students who are interested in becoming high school chemistry teachers. We work closely with our Department of Education to ensure a quality pathway for you to become an exceptional teacher. Our graduates are now employed in schools in the Columbus area and beyond. Typically, students will earn a B.A. degree in chemistry while also taking classes to meet the Adolescent to Young Adult Teaching Licensure requirements. In addition…

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