Modern Languages & Cultures Minors

Spanish & Latin American Studies

Interested in Spanish, but don’t have time for a major? A minor in Spanish and Latin American studies will enhance any major! You’ll gain a solid cultural, linguistic, and literary background that allows you to participate in the rapidly growing Spanish-speaking communities both here and abroad.

French and Francophone Studies

The French/Francophone (FFS) minor is a perfect complement (un parfait appariement) to a degree in international business, international studies, arts/museum administration, public relations, journalism, environmental studies, nursing, for example. It is a definite asset on the job market for any other major/career.

A background in French language and culture opens up opportunities for study abroad and post-graduate experiences such as teaching (English) in France (through the Teaching Assistantship in France program [TAPIF]), internships in genetics in France, zoo or conservation internships in West Africa, environmental projects in the Caribbean (Haiti, Martinique, Guadeloupe), nursing service opportunities for Doctors without Borders in Canada and Africa, for example.

For a minor, you need the core courses (FREN 2000, 2100, 3900) plus two other elective courses in Art, History, or INST 2800, taught in English, but requiring concurrently related independent studies in French (FREN 3900). For the catalog description of the FFS-minor requirements, please go to Catalogs page.

We also offer elementary course sequences in German, Italian, Japanese, American Sign Language.