Thank you for supporting our actors and playwrights as they share vibrant theater and dance performances with the community.

Join the Cast!

There is no question that our lives have been drastically changed during the COVID-19 pandemic. The arts community, and more specifically, the theatre industry, has been devastated amidst mandatory shut-downs, and many people are without work. At Otterbein, we are committed to provide our students with a quality education, even in such difficult times. We have moved our productions to a streaming platform, and have dramatically cut our budgets in order to keep things moving forward until we can once again entertain audiences in our theaters.

Your support is more important now than it has ever been in the past. Despite the changes implemented to stream our productions and the cuts to our budget, scenery, lighting, costume, sound, and licensing costs still exceed what we can expect to receive in ticket revenue. While we won’t be able to entertain you in-person, your contributions, of any amount are vital to continuing the specialized education only Otterbein provides our students. Please, Join the Cast by contributing to the 2020-21 Otterbein Theatre & Dance season.

The Cast List
$5,000+ Producer
$1000 – $4999 Director
$500 – $999 Designer
$250 – $499 Diva
$100 – $249 Star
$50 – $99 Supporting Actor
$10 – $49 Chorus
T2 Theatredesign Tech1