Program Review Process

Annual Report

Program Information
This title page for the annual report invites feedback on who authored the report and asks for a response to the key question about how program faculty were involved in the reporting process.

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment
Two outcomes should be assessed annually for each major.  A summary of the findings and a reflection on the next steps based on the information should be included in the report.  All student learning outcomes should be listed in this section and aligned to KMERI goals.

Question of the Year:  Response to Institutional Data

By reflecting on data provided by the Institutional Research Office and their own practice, departments and programs respond to an institutional ‘question of the year.’

Program Highlights

A list of accomplishments are compiled for the year in the following areas:  faculty scholarship, committee work/service, departmental service to the discipline/profession, community outreach/partnerships, student accomplishments, etc.


  • Dean(s)
  • Institutional Effectiveness Committee

Long-Range Report

Program Overview/Executive Summary
Mission*, Curriculum*, Faculty*; Executive Summary

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment
New Long-Range Assessment schedule

  • Collection of outcomes assessed Years 1-6*
  • Map of outcomes alignment to KMERI goals*
  • Alumni Survey
  • Reflection on Outcomes Assessed (synthesis of findings across Years 1-6)

Institutional Data Summary
Summary and synthesis of yearly questions  (compilation of answers to each year’s question, Year 1-6, plus follow-up, if desired)

  • Retention, Persistence, Completion*
  • Advising*
  • Diversity*
  • Resource Uses and Needs*
  • Program Support of University Initiatives*
  • Staffing and Capacity*

Program Identity
Summary of/Reflection on Program Achievements

  • Faculty scholarship*
  • Faculty committee work/service*
  • Departmental service to profession/discipline*
  • Community outreach/partnerships*
  • Student Awards*
  • Other, as needed

Long-Range Summary and Aspirations
Goals to next Long-Range Report 

  • Years 1-6 feedback from Dean(s)*
  • Years 1-6 feedback from IE Committee*
  • Long-Range Report Analysis (including resource requests, directions)

Reviews & Responses

  • External Review(s) – could be external accreditation report + response, if desired
  • Curriculum Council + response, if desired
  • Graduate Council (if applicable) + response, if desired
  • Dean(s) + response, if desired
  • Institutional Effectiveness Committee + response, if desired
  • Institutional Planning Council