Melica Hampton ’04

  • Union, NJ
  • Human Resources Recruiter (Bridgeway Rehabilitation Services, Inc.)

Award presented: April 13, 2019

Melica Niccole was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio and now resides in New Jersey.  She graduated from Otterbein University in 2004 with a major in Health Promotion and Fitness and holds a master’s degree in Science Administration with specializations in Health Services and Human Resources from Central Michigan University.

Hampton is a Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner (CPRP) and is currently employed as a Human Resources Recruiter from Bridgeway Rehabilitation Services, Inc., in Union, New Jersey. Previously she was a Supported Education Specialist in Career Services with Bridgeway.

Her work has included preparing students for higher education programs by helping them identify funding options for their continued education and counseling them on interviewing techniques. In 2017, Hampton was nominated for the New Jersey Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association Honoree of the Year for her impactful work with at-risk or disadvantaged youth.

Hampton is also a published author and the CEO of Hampton Publishing House, LLC. She published her first book, Dead Wrong, in August of 2010. Since 2010, Hampton has published over 18 books. Her books range from poetry, drama and mystery to children’s literature.

She is also involved with various organization in Ohio and New Jersey, which helps people in low-income areas have access to children’s books in libraries, barbershops, and around town. She helped found an annual children’s book festival in Camden, New Jersey serving disadvantages youth, introducing them to authors, and engaging them n literacy-related activities with adults who serve as role models.