Helping you understand the world around you – and yourself.

Department of Religion & Philosophy

The Department of Religion and Philosophy aims to contribute to the University’s historic commitment to liberal arts education. We do so by giving students a solid grounding in the academic study of philosophy and religion, while equipping them with essential critical thinking, writing, and communication skills.

Our Commitment to Social Justice

The Department of Religion and Philosophy at Otterbein University seeks to create a space where all can be heard, respected, and included regardless of age, class, [dis]ability, ethnicity or race, gender identity or expression, national origin or immigration status, religion or spirituality, sexuality, or any other aspect of identity. The department strives to be an open and diverse community with an instructional focus on knowledge, critical thinking, and respect for a wide range of religious and philosophical traditions. The goal is to help students view the world with interest and become well-rounded individuals who can effect positive change on issues of social justice, both local and global.

– Religion and Philosophy Senior Seminar Students,┬áSpring 2018

Religion & Philosophy students leave Otterbein with the skills and knowledge to pursue a plethora of careers, from law school to the Peace Corps to the military.