Roger Nisley ’67

  • Keswick, VA
  • Former Special Agent of the FBI (retired) & Founder and CEO of Eagle Security Group, Inc.

Award presented: April 13, 2019

Mr. Nisley’s career as a Special Agent of the FBI spanned over 30 years and included extensive investigative, operational and leadership experiences. As a “street agent”, he specialized in organized crime and bank robbery investigations and worked undercover. As a Certified FBI Police Instructor, Mr. Nisley taught police officers from around the world in Firearms, SWAT, Crisis Management and Hostage Rescue. As a first-line supervisor, he managed personnel and investigations targeting corrupt public officials, major theft and drug cases, some of which received national media attention. As an FBI executive for more than 20 years, he served in a variety of leadership positions to include: the Senior FBI Supervisor for the Southern District of West Virginia; the Unit Chief responsible for all FBI employee transfers nation-wide; the second-in-command of an FBI Field Division; a Certified FBI Inspector; the Commander of the Nation’s only full-time law enforcement counterterrorist team, the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team (HRT); and the Special Agent in Charge of the Critical Incident Response Group (CIRG), which was created to provide an emergency response to a variety of world-wide critical incidents, to include child abductions, hostage/barricade situations, and terrorist incidents.


Following his retirement in December 2000, Mr. Nisley founded Eagle Security Group, Inc. (Eagle), a “family first” company dedicated to hiring the best employees available and utilizing their expertise to assist individuals, businesses and public-sector organizations reduce the risks associated with living in a post-911 world. In addition to his vast work experiences, Mr. Nisley has been a volunteer for numerous organizations working to support our children, our Veterans and our communities.