Tatsuo Tsuda, Class of 1955

Posted Jun 04, 2019

Tatsuo Tsuda ‘55 died in December of 2018. He graduated from Otterbein in 1955 with a bachelor’s in music, economics, and business administration. During his time at Otterbein he was a member of the Lambda Gamma Epsilon (Kings) fraternity. He lived in Japan and was president of Tsuda Forest Industries. Tatsuo and his family established the endowed Tsuda Tatsuo Japanese Education Fund for Otterbein students pursuing their educational dreams to travel and study in Japan. He is the recipient of the 2006 Otterbein Alumni Special Achievement Award for his Special Achievement Award for innovations in the Japanese lumber business and his continued dedication to the Otterbein community. He is survived by his wife, Kyoko; and sons, Jun and Yutaka (’84 attended) Tsuda.