Timothy Hayes, Class of 1977

Posted Apr 13, 2021

Timothy Hayes ’77 died Feb. 19, 2021. He wrote the following…..

“If you are reading this, apparently I have passed away. I was told this would happen someday, but it’s something I didn’t think would happen this soon. I usually get my way, but not this time.

My story began in Zanesville, Ohio on April 12,1955. My parents were Patti and Charles Hayes and I was the second child of seven. I eventually saw the light at the end of the first tunnel and escaped to college at Otterbein University, where I became proficient in Chemistry and bartending. (Thank you King’s Fraternity)

I met my wife of 43 years (45 if you want to count the “live-in” time) Pamela Burns Hayes ’78 and started working at Battelle Memorial Institute as a researcher. I worked myself up the chemical ladder and left many memories and bad stories for my colleagues at West Jefferson. Have a beer and repeat.

My children, Timothy (April) Hayes and Abbie (Frank) Hartge were my greatest accomplishments, even though I wasn’t always warm and fuzzy, they knew I loved them. My 6 grandchildren Frank, Charlie, Aurora, Ben, Liam and Amelia were hysterical and made me laugh all the way to the end. (must be genetic).

I would like to thank my wife for making me move to Florida (always asking, “why are we still living in Ohio?”) It was a short, but bittersweet time that I really enjoyed until the end. I don’t want a funeral with everyone gawking at my body in a casket so I will be cremated and resting in Otterbein Cemetery. That means my Pokemon Go friends can drive by and yell “WooHoo” as they come to my section of the cemetery. (yes, I was obsessed). Have a celebration, eat some Bar-B-Q, drink a beer and remember that life is short, so enjoy. I know my wife has probably planned a party somewhere, somehow, sometime. If it makes you feel better to donate, please give to the Michael J. Fox Foundation to Parkinson’s Disease.

All jokes aside, the light at the end of the second tunnel called. Goodbye, I will miss you all. Thus, ends my final chapter February 19, 2021.”