Cadine Navarro: It Sounds Like Love

Posted Sep 01, 2021

Cadine Navarro, Artist
Janice Glowski, Curator
Special thanks to Gregory Gilkerson, Installer
August 25, 2021 – August 16, 2022 (extended)
Summer Hours:  Fridays & Saturdays 11a – 3p
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In the beginning was the seed, and the seed made sound, and if you were to listen carefully you might say that it sounds like love.

Settling into rich land, the seed offers many gifts: food, energy, hope, security, medicine, inspiration, beauty, simplicity, community, perseverance, regeneration, resilience… and if the seed were to find home in a prairie, its roots would run so deep that they would give back to the land, like golden veins spreading richness and abundance to all. A veritable soil saint. 

Hidden beneath our footsteps, let us listen with our paws and antennas to the wisdom hidden in plain sight. We each have a role in this complex web, but we may need to slow down in order to know what is the next best step within the cyclic reciprocity of our collective land-body.

…artist, curator, choreographer, musician, poet, carpenter, evolutionary biologist, botanist, student, passerby, dreamer, candy-maker, tea-maker, nutritionist, graphic designer, glass etcher, wood worker, sales person, framer, dancer, mover, DJ, wisdom keeper, ancestor, farmer… 

… each one a seed to end erasure.

Let us listen to our wise old friends. Nine prairie plants lead the way…


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The Frank Museum of Art
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01 Butterflyweed Etch

Resonance, by French filmmaker Sophie Ansel, made during a artist residency at The Frank Museum of Art (January 2022), inspired by and based on It Sounds Like Love.