Hocking College Transfer Student Finds Creativity and Connection at Otterbein

Posted Jan 18, 2024

By Maggie Nicol ’25

Art feels and looks different to everyone; it allows for connection and creation and for an individual to thrive. That’s the experience of Sarah Farmer, a senior earning her bachelor of fine arts degree with a concentration in painting, along with minors in art history and photography.

Sarah Farmer - Hocking College Transfer Student Finds Creativity And Connection At Otterbein
Sarah Farmer

“I have always felt highly compelled to create and be creative. I have been doing art religiously since middle school and pursuing an art degree felt like the obvious and natural progression for my goals as an artist,” said Farmer.

Before attending Otterbein, Farmer was a student at Hocking College. “I learned about Otterbein when I was getting ready to graduate from Hocking. Students were informed that Hocking had a partnership with Otterbein that guaranteed specific class credits would transfer and be compatible curriculum,” she said.

“When I found out about the program, I thought this would ultimately be in my best interest to learn more about Otterbein. I reached out to (Professor Emeritus) Denise Shively, who I know from my time as a synchronized swimmer,” she said.

Shively not only spent many years teaching at Otterbein, but also working with artistic (formerly synchronized) swimming teams at various levels, including USA Artistic Swimming and U.S. Synchronized Swimming.

Hocking was a smaller environment for Farmer, but it allowed her to transition into Otterbein seamlessly. “By transferring to Otterbein, I have been offered many opportunities such as gallery shows and going to guest lectures. The art program at Otterbein also offers a variety of classes and a larger pool of professors.”

She has taken classes like “Women’s Art and History,” which covers female artist throughout history.

Farmer believes that connections that you make with others go beyond the relationships in the classroom. “If you aren’t working or in a sport you need to join extracurricular activities. If you want to make friends in college, don’t rely solely on your classmates and roommates; the best friends you make are going to be ones participating in activities that you both enjoy.”