New Otterbein Scholarship for Military Families Awarded to First Recipient

Posted Nov 11, 2020

Otterbein recently announced the new Otterbein Honoring Service Scholarship for Folds of Honor and Ohio War Orphans recipients as part of Otterbein’s commitment to those who serve the nation. This scholarship will make an Otterbein education more affordable for the children of these families by providing $19,000 toward an undergraduate degree — a 58% discount off Otterbein’s 2020-21 tuition. 

“It is truly an honor to provide the Otterbein Honoring Service Scholarship to students whose families have sacrificed so much. Supporting these students not only benefits them, but also the inclusive and diverse Otterbein community they will join,” said Otterbein President John Comerford. “This is one small way in which we can contribute to the common good and honor our own institutional values.” 

The scholarship is available to any undergraduate student who is a recipient of the Folds of Honor Higher Education Scholarship and/or the Ohio War Orphan & Severely Disabled Veterans’ Scholarship who has not completed a bachelor’s degree, whether they are applying as a new first-time first year student or a transfer student, starting with students who enroll in spring of 2021 and later.  

The first recipient is Devyn Craner, a first-year equine pre-veterinary major from Navarre, Florida.  

Devyn Craner '24
Devyn Craner ’24

“It means a lot to me the Otterbein is supporting military families like mine by offering this scholarship. It shows how the university realizes the importance of the role military plays and the sacrifices that they make for our country,” said Craner. 

Growing up in an Air Force family, Craner has had the opportunity to see the world.

“My dad was a crew chief in the Air Force working on C-5 and C-130 aircrafts. He was stationed in Dover, Delaware when I was born. When I was 8 years old, we got orders to Ramstein, Germany, where we lived for four years. While living in Germany, I got to experience lots of different cultures and travel to many different countries, including Switzerland, Spain, France, Italy, Tunisia and The Netherlands.” 

The family was later stationed in Florida, where her father retired in 2015 and now works as a civil service employee at Pensacola Naval Station. 

When it was time to look at universities, Craner wanted a smaller school with a pre-veterinary program.

“I wanted to specialize with horses and when I saw the program it was a perfect fit,” she said. “And the scholarship allowed me to attend Otterbein without having to take out large loans.” 

This new scholarship joins Otterbein’s established support for members of the military. Otterbein is also proud to be a participant in the national Yellow Ribbon GI Education Enhancement Program to help U.S. military veterans attend college and earn a degree. Yellow-Ribbon-eligible veterans who apply and are accepted to Otterbein can attend tuition-free. In the U.S. News & World Report 2020 edition of “America’s Best Colleges,” Otterbein was once again named to the “Best College for Veterans” list. 

“Otterbein is committed to serving veterans and their families and acknowledge their service to our nation. We see their potential and desire to continue their education, and Otterbein makes a 21st century education affordable for them. Once here, we provide extensive support to ensure they are successful in their transitions to college and their academic careers,” said Jefferson Blackburn-Smith, vice president for enrollment management.  

As for Craner, she plans to follow in her father’s footsteps. “Because of the experiences I had growing up, I am now following a similar path as my father. I recently joined the Army National Guard and hope to commission as a veterinarian in the Army after vet school.” 

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