Citation Appeal Form

Please note before filling out this appeal form:

  • Guests without a parking decal that receive a citation do not need to fill out this form. Follow the directions on the back of the citation.
  • All parking rules and regulations are clearly listed in the Campus Life Handbook (PDF). Ignorance of the regulations, lack of proximity to your destination, lateness of arrival, or improper parking by others driving your vehicle does not constitute valid reason for appeal.

Instructions for Filing an Appeal:

  • Appeals must be submitted to the Police Department within three (3) days of the citation date.
  • Incomplete forms will be returned without a hearing.
  • If an emergency or other extenuating circumstances are used as an excuse, documented proof must be sent with your appeal.
  • The Traffic Council will review your appeal and respond in writing with a decision.

Application for Appeal of Traffic Citation

  • (mm-dd-yyyy Format)
  • (First Middle Last)
  • (If Known)

*If you would like to send a picture or another supporting document, please send to