Parking Policies

The motor vehicle traffic and parking regulations of Otterbein University facilitate the safe and orderly operation of vehicles, and protect members of the campus community.

All cars parking on campus are required to be registered with the Otterbein Police Department. Students can purchase a parking decal online. Once the parking decal order has been fulfilled, the student will receive an email advising them to pick up the parking decal at the Campus Center, Center for Student Engagement Office, located at 100 West Home Street. Students are advised to park their vehicles as close as possible to their residence hall and not use their vehicle to drive to classes. Students are not permitted to park in visitor parking.

General Information

For a complete listing of which lots are associated with which parking decal, see our Student Parking map.

Visitors may obtain a temporary visitor permit in person during regular business hours at the Otterbein Police Department located at 194 West Main Street; or the permit may be faxed or emailed to the visitor upon request. When requesting a visitor permit provide the Police Department with the date(s) of the visit and the vehicle’s make, model, color, license plate number and license state. Requests for visitor permits may be made in person or by calling 614-823-1222, by fax at 614-823-1999, or by email to Visitors do not need a permit during the weekend (Friday 5:00 p.m. through Sunday at midnight) or summer break. Registered Otterbein students are not considered visitors.

The Campus Life Handbook (PDF) defines the specific policies and regulations that apply to all faculty, staff, and students driving and parking vehicles on campus. Additional information in the handbook regarding parking include: early graduation, special permits, procedures for special situations, and the Chronic Offender Policy.

Otterbein University assumes no responsibility or liability for a motor vehicle or its contents while parked or operated on the property of Otterbein University.

Eligibility and Registration

Any Otterbein student, faculty, or staff member may operate a motor vehicle on Otterbein owned and/or operated property, provided that the vehicle is properly registered with the Otterbein Police Department and the decal properly displayed.

The ability to register and operate a motor vehicle is a privilege that may be revoked for failure to operate and park a motor vehicle properly. Registration is required for all vehicles parked on campus 24 hours per day. Motor vehicles shall be registered for the academic year no later than the third day of classes at the beginning of the academic year. Any person wishing to register a motor vehicle after the beginning of the academic year must do so within three working days after bringing the vehicle to campus. Individuals may not register a vehicle(s) for another person to use in the campus area. The vehicle decal/registration owner is ultimately responsible for violations of that vehicle.

For limited periods, persons may obtain a temporary vehicle registration by following the procedures established for motor vehicle registration. Permits are for three days ($5), one week ($10), and two weeks ($15). Three temporary permits are allowed per semester.

Traffic and Parking Violations

Signs are posted at the entrance to campus parking lots designating decals that are permitted to park in the lot during specified hours. Additionally, there are signs that designate specific parking spots for specific persons (i.e. visitors, Health Center patients, etc.). City of Westerville traffic laws are in force for street parking.

Motor vehicle registrants are responsible for all non-moving violations. Motor vehicle operators are responsible for moving violations. Traffic citations will be issued for violation of University traffic regulations as listed below:

  • Blocking Fire Lane or Fire Hydrants ($50 plus cost of tow) – Parking, stopping, or standing a vehicle in a designated fire lane for any reason. Fire lanes shall not be used to load or unload people or property.It is absolutely mandatory to leave fire lanes open. Areas behind Davis Hall and Mayne Hall, as well as around ALL campus buildings and ALL streets, alleys, paved lanes, etc., which an emergency vehicle might use to reach a building or campus area, are considered fire lanes.
  • Reckless Operation ($75) – Driving in such a manner that causes risk of harm to drivers, pedestrians, passengers, or causes risk of harm to property.
  • Fictitious Registration ($75) – Altering a decal in a manner that makes it appear the vehicle is properly registered to park on campus, or transferring a decal to a vehicle without registering it with the Otterbein University Police Department.
  • Driving or Parking on Grass or Sidewalk ($50 and damage costs) – While operating any motorized vehicle.
  • Parked in Handicapped Zones ($100 plus tow)
  • Failure to Register ($150) – All students, faculty, and staff must properly register their vehicles to park on campus. First and subsequent violation fines are charged at the same rate. First violation will be voided with purchase of parking decal.
  • Parking in Zones Other than Those Specified by Registration ($50) – Parking in any space, parking lot, or area not specifically identified as a proper parking space or area, and parking with disregard to areas permitted by decal registration.
  • Parking with Disregard to Painted Lines ($50) – Parking over, across, or outside of specifically painted parking spaces, or areas that are X-ed, or diagonally painted.
  • Failure to Properly Display Decal ($50) – Placing decal or permit anywhere on vehicle other than those specified in Section E of the Campus Life Handbook.

All offenses are subject to the fines indicated. All traffic citations will be forwarded to the Business Office for collection and/or inclusion on student fees.

Appeals, Chronic Offenders & Vehicle Tow

  • Appeals

    Anyone who wishes to appeal a violation must, within three working days of issuance, either file an appeal at the Otterbein University Police Department to request a hearing before the Traffic Council; or can appeal online here.

  • Chronic Offenders

    Barring an appeal (see above), a vehicle cited for the sixth time during the same academic year for any violation will lose on-campus parking privileges for the remainder of the academic year. Should the vehicle be parked again on campus within the same academic year, the vehicle will be subject to citation and tow at the owner’s expense.

  • Vehicle Tow

    All tows will be authorized by the Otterbein University Police Department and a tow report will be filed. Vehicles may be towed for reasons other than Chronic Offender. This includes, but is not limited to: emergency situations, blocking other vehicles, creating a safety hazard, or any other situation determined necessary.