B.S. in Business Administration & Management

Otterbein University’s Business Administration & Management major is ideal for preparing students for a wide variety of careers in business or graduate programs including an MBA or law school. Students graduate with a broad knowledge base and hands-on experiential learning in business combined with liberal arts education. Students in this major will take introductory courses in accounting, business law, economics, operations, international business, marketing, and finance as well as degree-specific courses ranging from leadership and culture to how business affects society in general. Additional courses in more specific area such as entrepreneurship, human resource management and non-profit management are included as well.

An Otterbein student majoring in Business Administration & Management will find a wide and varied range of career choices to choose from including general management, consulting, business strategy, training and development, recruitment, human resources, employment relations, public policy, business consulting and senior management roles in business and industry.  Graduates in this major end up as business analysts, management consultants, entrepreneurs, budget analysts and working in non-profit management among many other functional areas.  The diversity and plenitude of career opportunities for students with this business degree make it an attractive option.

Due to Otterbein’s perfect location in Westerville, Ohio, students are provided with a wide variety of internship opportunities that give them hands-on experience in the business world, working directly with business leaders from major corporations to small businesses. Please click here to find more information about internship opportunities, including a list of companies that offer internships to Otterbein Business, Accounting, and Economics students.

Want a business career working in the Sport, Recreation, and Leisure industry?

At Otterbein, you’ll learn from a unique curriculum, gain real-world experience in “sport” through numerous practicums and internship opportunities all four years, be able to network with professionals in the field, and be supported by faculty who are passionate about seeing you succeed!  At the end of your college career, you’ll be strongly positioned to be a leader in a “sports” industry area such as: marketing, public relations, sales, stadium/arena management, retail, law, media, broadcasting, event management, finance, athletic administration, and many more.

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The BAE department teaches you so much more than the coursework at hand. You gain so many soft skills as well through interaction with classmates, staff/professors and other working professionals which truly prepare you for life after college.

Lauren Barker (Kess) ‘21

Business Analytics and Business Administration & Management, double major, Graduate with Distinction
Senior Analyst of Workforce Management at Nationwide

Student Learning Outcomes University Learning Goals (KMERI*)
Goal 1: A solid understanding of management theories and their application as they relate to organizations
1.1 Students will be able to explain key functions of management in organizations (MGMT 3000) Knowledgeable
1.2 Students will be able to apply their knowledge of management theories to i) gain insights on current business issues and problems, and (ii) formulate effective solutions to those problems (all BAM courses) Knowledgeable, Multi-literate, Engaged, Responsible
Goal 2: Gain effective written and communication skills
2.1 Students will write a consulting report on suggesting solutions to a managerial burning issue(s) Multi-literate, Engaged, Inquisitive
2.2 Students will explain the issues and the solutions in a coherent and professional manner to an outside expert panel (MGMT 3000) Multi-literate, Engaged

*NOTE: KMERI refers to Otterbein's learning goals. It stands for KnowledgeableMulti-literateEngagedResponsible, and Inquisitive. To learn more about KMERI, visit our University Learning Goals page.