Teaching and Mentoring in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

The relationships you develop with faculty who help you grow into a better version of yourself is one way Otterbein is a smarter way to learn. When you join the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Program at Otterbein, you will get to know faculty mentors who will become some of your best cheerleaders and sounding boards and will help you get out of your comfort zone to develop professionally and personally.

In small-sized classes, you will learn from faculty who have developed innovative curricula, from studying chemical structures through x-ray crystallography and cheminformatics with Dr. Dean Johnston, to discovering the intersections between chemistry and art with Drs. Joan Esson & Carrie Hayes, to learning from faculty like Dr. John Tansey, who has written a biochemistry textbook.

Starting your first year on campus, you can work in research labs with faculty, learning to apply what you learn in the classroom to a new setting – whether that be in traditional chemistry research or curricular development.

We are alongside you as you grow professionally, seek out internships and travel to national meetings to present the results of your research or travel the world.


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This feeling of belonging in a community of people was new to me but having the capability to communicate with fellow peers in scientific language was beyond exciting. I have never felt more prepared and more supported for my future until meeting my chemistry teachers at Otterbein.

Carsyn Stobart ’21

Chemistry B.S. major
Being involved in organic research with Dr. Grote helped opened my eyes to not only the world of chemistry but the world of helpful mentors.

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Students are encouraged from day one to interact with their faculty and fellow students; to find a way to further our learning both in and out of the classroom; and to find ways to apply the knowledge we’ve been endowed with to help those we encounter throughout life.

Lily Nichols ’22

Chemistry B.S. & BMB double major with minors in Math & Physics.
I had never thought about a career in chemistry before Otterbein, but with the help and encouragement of the professors, I finally realized my true passion.

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