The Van Sant Leadership Program

This program provides opportunities for students to develop leadership skills through workshops, retreats, and service through which students earn The Van Sant Leadership Certificate. Students who receive this certificate are capable and confident leaders who take action to make positive, sustainable change in the community and the workplace.

  • Workshops are provided each semester and DO NOT have to be completed in any order.
  • Enrollment in the Leadership Certificate is NOT REQUIRED to attend workshops.
  • This program can be completed in one semester or throughout a student’s time at Otterbein.


Workshop Track: Attend All TEN workshops
D2b 1: “Dare To Be Theoretical” Principles of Leadership
D2b 2: “Dare To be Practical” Leadership Skillls
D2b 3: “Dare To Be Me” Identity Development
D2b 4: “Dare To Be Real” Leadership & Personality Inventories
D2b 5: “Dare To Be Different” Diversity & Inclusion
D2b 6: “Dare To Be Savvy” Budgets & Financial Management
D2b 7: “Dare To Be Fair” Conflict Management
D2b 8: “Dare To Be Challenged” Near-Peer Leadership
D2b 9: “Dare To Be Magnetic” Volunteer Recruitment, Mobilization & Retention
D2b 10: “Dare To Be Creative” Event Planning & Promotion
Academic Track: Attend Workshops 6-10 & ONE Academic Class
LEAD 1000, FYS 1024

Community Service

Complete 40 hours of community service.

  • Service not sponsored by the university must be approved through the CCE.
  • Service that is required for coursework is eligible.

Organizational Involvement

Leadership in a campus student organization for at least one semester.
Leadership can be in registered student organizations, intercollegiate athletics, Theater productions, paraprofessional organizations, etc.

May I dare to be different, dare to be courageous, dare to be creative, dare to challenge others as I am challenged, and dare to make time for this important task.

Dean Van Sant's Leadership Creed