The Van Sant Leadership Program

This program provides opportunities for students to develop leadership skills through workshops, retreats, and service through which students earn The Van Sant Leadership Certificate. Students who receive this certificate are capable and confident leaders who take action to make positive, sustainable change in the community and the workplace.

  • Workshops are provided each semester and DO NOT have to be completed in any order.
  • Enrollment in the Leadership Certificate is NOT REQUIRED to attend workshops.
  • This program can be completed in one semester or throughout a student’s time at Otterbein.




Attend 6 Core* Workshops, 2 Elective Workshops, Complete VAN SANT Workshop Requirement. Register at

Workshop Date Location
Dare to be Practical* Wed, Sept.4 @4:30pm Library 124
Dare to be Challenged* Mon, Sept.9 @4:30pm Library 118
Dare to be Creative Tue, Sept.17 @4:30pm Library 118
Dare to be Fair Mon, Sept.23 @4:30pm Library 118
Dare to be Real Tue, Oct.8 @4:30pm Library 118
Dare to be Theoretical* Mon, Oct.21 @4:30pm Library 118
Dare to be Me* Mon, Oct.28 @4:30pm Library 118
Dare to be Savvy Tue, Nov.5 @4:30pm Library 118
Dare to be Magnetic Tue, Nov.12 @4:30pm Library 118
Dare to be Different* Tue, Dec.3 @4:30pm Library 118
Dare to be Well* TBD TBD
Van Sant Info Session Mon, Aug.26 @4:00pm
Tue, Sep.3@3:30
Library 201

Program Requirements

International Student Guide

Here For 1 Semester?

  • 2 Workshops (1 core, 1 elective)
  • 4 Service Hours
  • Receive Van Sant Leadership Certificate

Here For 1 Year

  • 4 Workshops (2 Core, 2 Elective)
  • 10 Service Hours
  • Receive Van Sant Leadership Certificate

U.S. Student Guide

Reach Your Leadership Summit Through 3 Core Commitments

  • Learn (8 Leadership Workshops)
  • Lead (Organization Participation)
  • Serve (20 Community Service Hours)

Receive Van Sant Leadership Certificate


Van Sant Fellows serve as ambassadors for leadership development on campus. A $1500 grant ($750 per semester) will be awarded to first-year students who have demonstrated a commitment to leadership and academic scholarship during high school. Finalists will be selected by a committee and interviewed at a scholarship interview day on Feb. 1st (please hold this date) or by telephone.

The grant will be awarded on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. Demonstrated commitment to leadership
  2. A cumulative high school grade point average of 3.0 or above
  3. Ability to design and implement leadership programming on campus

This scholarship is awarded to first year students during the admission process only, and are renewable. Current Otterbein students are not eligible to apply for this award. Highschool seniors who are interested in becoming a Van Sant Fellow for Fall 2020 can apply here.

For Priority Deadline, applications for Fall 2020 are due by Dec. 15th, 2019.

The Final Deadline for all applications is Jan. 3, 2020.


Email the Center for Community Engagement at

Meet our Van Sant Fellows

The Van Sant Fellows serve as ambassadors for leadership development on campus. They are a dedicated group of Otterbein students that demonstrate a desire to help their peers develop as leaders in order to build a stronger and more innovative community on and off campus. These eleven students from all class years coordinate leadership training workshops, that cover topics such as: event planning, volunteer management, event coordinating, and identity development. Van Sant Fellows also lead a weekend leadership retreat off campus, and serve as Civic Partners for 5 Westerville non-profit organizations. These students, while individually are unique with their own aspirations, all together exemplify the essence of leadership through their compassion to make a change within their Otterbein community.

May I dare to be different, dare to be courageous, dare to be creative, dare to challenge others as I am challenged, and dare to make time for this important task.

Dean Van Sant's Leadership Creed