New Opportunity at Otterbein for Aspiring Law Students

Posted Feb 02, 2021

By Madelyn Nelson ’23 

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Amanda Lefkovitz ’21 recently founded the Otterbein University Pre-Law Society (OUPLS) for any student interested in legal studies or law. 

Lefkovitz is a political science major with minors in journalism and media communications and legal studies. The New Albany, Ohio, native decided to create an on-campus community for students who share her passion for law. 

“I wanted to create a space where students can connect with each other and support each other – especially people who have a common interest in law,” Lefkovitz said. 

Students quickly became interested about OUPLS during the fall semester. “Students started hearing about it and reaching out to me — it really reinforced my idea that OUPLS was needed on campus,” Lefkovitz said. “Members can help and support one another through this rigorous process of being a pre-law student at Otterbein.” 

The OUPLS faculty advisor is a familiar face to Otterbein students — President John Comerford. Comerford works alongside Lefkovitz to help organize OUPLS and its events.  

“As an undergrad I thought law school was my next step. I was only distracted when someone encouraged me to trying working at colleges,” Comerford said. “I took the LSAT, was admitted to law schools, and even attended part of the 1L program at Kansas in my doctoral program. So, I’m not a lawyer, but I know enough to be dangerous and I’m happy to support students like Amanda who want to make something happen to support students.” 

“There are lots of ways students can benefit [from OUPLS],” Comerford added. “We hope to get alumni and other speakers in the field to visit the group, so there will be ways to learn from their experience and build their network. We will provide some introductory LSAT and other support for law school applications. Students can also benefit from the peer network. There is a lot to be said for a supportive community, especially as they face something new like applying to law school.” 

Amanda Lefkovitz ’21
Amanda Lefkovitz ’21

Lefkovitz wants members to feel more confident and motivated. “I hope it opens a door for any student interested in a law career path. I want members to get real-life experience and learn from others who have gone through the process,” Lefkovitz said.  

January 2021 begins the first full semester for OUPLS, and Lefkovitz is ready to get started. Virtual meetings will be held every month and will include guest speakers, LSAT discussions and resources, and more.   

“I wanted to leave my mark at Otterbein, and I feel like this is my way of contributing to the Otterbein community. Otterbein has been amazing to me by welcoming me and making campus feel like home – this is my way of giving back,” Lefkovitz said. 

Students can join OUPLS by emailing Amanda Lefkovitz ( OUPLS will also be at the Winter Involvement Fair.