Student Organizations

There are many ways to get involved at Otterbein both on and off campus. Opportunities and organizations that Physics and Engineering Physics majors may be especially interested in include the following:

  • Physics Tutors and Teaching Assistants
    With the approval of the department, students can gain teaching and leadership experience by serving as peer tutors, supplemental instructors and laboratory teaching assistants for that course in later years. Peer tutors work one-on-one with students, while supplemental instructors (SI) help groups of students with class material. Laboratory teaching assistants work with the laboratory instructor to set-up experiments and address student questions in the lab. This can also include supporting the observatory during viewing sessions for classes or the general public.
  • Otterbein University Chapter of the Society of Physics Students (SPS)
    SPS is a national professional society for physics students. It exists to help students transform themselves into contributing members of the professional community. Traditional coursework develops only one range of skills. Other skills needed to flourish professionally include effective communication and personal interactions, leadership experience, establishing a personal network of contacts, presenting scholarly work in professional meetings and journals, research experiences, and outreach services to the campus and local communities. Through its members, advisers, chapters, and leadership, SPS enables national initiatives and local impacts within the community. SPS supports students, advisers, and departments to improve the overall community.At Otterbein, the SPS chapter is often involved in science outreach, as well as organizing the weekly Physics Coffee Hour, which often features guest speakers or student and faculty research presentations.
  • Women in Science
    The Women in Science club is a student run campus organization. Women in Science hopes to reach Otterbein’s community and broaden horizons of the next generation. Members will gain a greater understanding of the contributions of women in any and all sciences. The group also provides an open environment for members to share and explore interests and career paths within the sciences. Major focuses of Women in Science include bringing female speakers to campus, holding discussion and networking opportunities following talks, and engaging in the local community. Involvement of the organization consists of participation in OTTERTHON, Girl Day, and outreach at local elementary schools.
  • Plan-It Earth
    This program takes an activist approach to addressing environmental issues, with a focus on fostering environmentally friendly practices and awareness on campus and in the community. Plan-It Earth plans activities that encourage and challenge Otterbein students to make steps to reduce, re-use, and recycle. This group also plans activities to give back to our earth, such as picking up litter, planning recycling projects and initiatives, and volunteering at Otterbein Lake.
  • Otterbein Student Education Association (OSEA)
    OSEA is a professional development organization for all education majors attending Otterbein University. Students involved in OSEA have opportunities to attend events focused on a variety of educational topics, including classroom management, resume writing, interviewing tips, and classroom technology resources. Through social events, OSEA allows its members to connect with other passionate educators while simultaneously building valuable skills needed to become an effective educator.