Educational Studies Major & Minor

The Educational Studies Program meets the needs of candidates who might be interested in Education as a major or minor but not necessarily as an avenue to classroom teaching. To that end, the Education Department has worked with other departments and developed a program that provides candidates with a Bachelor’s degree and an opportunity to explore educational settings from di- verse disciplinary perspectives and with unique opportunities for internships outside of the classroom.

This program can serve as pre-professional preparation for school psychologists/ counselors, church-based educators, and non-profit leaders (e.g., Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, museums, latch-key programs, recreation programs). There is also a niche for educators in the corporate community; for example, as publishers, edi- tors, and corporate trainers.

Concentration areas include coursework from the following disciplines: Communications, Creative Writing, Ethics, Film Studies, Human and Community Service, Literary Studies, Psychology, Religion/Philosophy, and Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies.

For more information about this major, please contact Dr. Kristin Bourdage,