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Department of Sociology, Criminology and Justice Studies

Celebrate societies and cultures around the world.

Sociology is the study of human society - the economic, political, cultural, and environmental forces which shape our lives and our world.

We are committed to offering a curriculum that provides opportunities to comprehensively understand the disciplines of sociology, criminology and justice studies.  The curriculum of our major and minor programs serve to meaningfully educate you about the world, promote critical understanding of global challenges facing the world, and inspire engaged global citizenship.

Our faculty commitment to scholarship and research on local, national and global issues helps to ensure that students receive quality education and exciting opportunities. Departmental faculty members work with you to create significant learning opportunities in the classroom and community, foster discovery of passion and avocation in the social world, develop the skills necessary for future graduate study and meaningful careers in a wide variety of fields, and promote greater understanding and appreciation of human diversity.

Major & Minors

We offer a majors and minors in Sociology and Criminology as well as a minor in Justice Studies. Learn more.

Student Organizations

Sociology Undergraduate Student Association (SUSA)
SUSA is an organization open to all sociology majors and minors. The purpose of SUSA is to:

  • Foster a sense of community among sociology majors and minors.
  • Provide forums and resources to support sociology students in their quest for internships, careers and graduate school programs.
  • Engage sociology students in the broader community through service and volunteerism.
  • Offer campus events that are SUSA sponsored, or co-sponsored with other college or community organizations, such as film nights, speakers and student presentations.
  • For more information about SUSA and how to join, please contact Kathleen Kishman at kathleen.kishman@otterbein.edu.


Want to know what the "real world" has to offer students of sociology and anthropology? Students can gain practical experience and explore possible career fields through internships. Department majors and minors are encouraged to complete an internship during their junior or senior year. Students usually receive academic credit for internships as outlined in the course catalog.

Below are some sites that can help students learn about internships relevant to their interests:

/ Department of Sociology, Criminology and Justice Studies

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p/ 614.823.1434
e/ ccorroto@otterbein.edu


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