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Students in a chem lab

Systems Engineering at Otterbein

What is Systems Engineering?

Systems Engineering is a combination of Mechanical, Electrical, and Industrial Engineering.  Since today's engineering problems don't respect the traditional boundaries of engineering disciplines, it is important to have knowledge in each of these areas to be able to solve engineering problems.  In addition, tomorrow's engineers will also have to have knowledge about cultural, economic and social issues to be able to make a technological impact as stated in the National Academy of Engineering's report.  This combination of a broad technical and liberal arts education will be able to provide solutions to complex engineering problems.

Otterbein helped me understand how to learn on the fly and fully research a problem before I tackle it. A lot of my internship was self-taught and directed so my experience in class was a major benefit. Thanks to all my previous knowledge, I was able to succeed and be offered future employment with Lake Shore.

Miguel Pedrozo '19

Four Year Curriculum Outline

Fall Semester Spring Semester
Year 1
  • PHYS 1500 (Physics I)
  • Math 1700 (Calc I)
  • ENGR 1000 (Fresh Engr I)
  • FYS (Freshman Year Exp)
  • HPES (Health & PE)
  • PHYS 1600
  • Math 1800 (Calc II)
  • ENGR 1010 (Fresh Engr II)
  • INST(Integrative Studies)
Year 2
  • Math 2700 (Multivariable Calc.)
  • ENGR 2000 (Statics & Mech of Matr)
  • CHEM 1700 (Accel Gen Chem)
  • CHEM 1710 (Chem lab)
  • INST (Integrative Studies-writing)
  • Math 2900 (Linear Alg & Intro to ODEs)
  • ENGR 2100 (Dynamics)
  • ENGR 2200 (Thermo & Heat Transfer)
  • INST (Integrative Studies )
Year 3
  • ENGR 3000 (Electrical Systems I)
  • ENGR 3100 (Production Processes)
  • ENGR 3200 (Materials)
  • INST (Integrative Studies)
  • ENGR 3010 (Electrical System II)
  • ENGR 3300(Linear Systems)
  • ENGR 3400 (Prod Systems I)
  • INST (Integrative Studies)
Year 4
  • ENGR 4100 (Automated Systems)
  • ENGR 4000 (Prod Systems II)
  • MATH 4200 (Statistics & QC)
  • INST (Integrative Studies-Dyad)
  • ENGR Elective
  • ENGR Elective
  • ENGR 4800 (SenIor Proj-Capst Design)
  • INST (Integrative Studies-Dyad)


Otterbein’s systems engineering program was approved by the University Senate in fall 2013. The Ohio Board of Regents approved the program in January 2014. In accordance with Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) requirements, Otterbein will seek accreditation concurrent with the first graduating class.