Otterbein Biomechanics Institute

Excellence in Teaching, Research Innovation, and Performance Enhancement are the three pillars of the Otterbein University Biomechanics Institute. This state-of-the-art 3D motion capture lab allows Otterbein students and faculty in the Department of Health and Sport Sciences and the Department of Engineering to work collaboratively to understand more about human movement. Students use the technology within their curriculum and have labs and projects take place in the Institute as early as their sophomore year! Students also work individually and in small groups to complete research projects. This experience of getting to work closely with a faculty member on a meaningful project is what Otterbein is all about! The Biomechanics Institute allows students to have hands-on experience with cutting edge technology that will give them an advantage as they apply for graduate study or look for employment after Otterbein.


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Having access to this kind of technology allowed me to pose questions and research I had not even thought would be possible as an undergraduate. The experiences I gained as a researcher, student, and future clinician were unmatched.

Lauren Rumbalski ‘22

Bachelor of Science in Allied Health with a minor in Psychology
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Students work one-on-one with faculty at the Otterbein Biomechanics Institute to deepen their understanding of human movement.

The Otterbein Biomechanics Institute allows students hands-on experience with motion analysis that will make them competitive graduate school applicants and open employment opportunities.

The Biomechanics Institute allows faculty and students to work with our Otterbein student-athletes and clients of all ages to better understand movement and human performance.

At the Otterbein Biomechanics Institute, faculty work with clients to improve performance and evaluate injury risk.

Faculty use the Biomechanics Institute to promote teaching excellence and facilitate student learning in new and exciting ways!