Facilities in the Department of Health & Sport Sciences

Clements Recreation Center

Fully equipped cardiovascular workout area with Cybex weight machines, stretching area and dumb-bells; classrooms, 200 meter indoor track and tennis courts.

Rike Center

2,500 square foot state-of-the-art Fitness Studio. Spacious $84,000 weight room with over 10,000 lbs. of weight; three classrooms, basketball area, auxiliary gym space and racquetball courts.

Freeman Athletic Training and Rehabilitation Center

Six full time athletic trainers, a full time physical therapist, a doctor’s exam room, a hydrotherapy area (w/3 whirlpools and Swimex), a taping and treatment center, and a conference/classroom room. (4,100 sq.ft.)

Biomechanics Institute

Designed for our students and faculty to engage in specific research projects, but will also lend opportunities to conduct research and activities in the immediate community. Included in this area is gait analysis equipment. Visit the Institute page to learn more.

Fitness Labs

VO2 Max measurement tools, exercise and fitness-based testing equipment, and fitness assessment devices included in these areas.


Two large classrooms with state-of-the-art technology. Students benefit from this teaching space that allows for use of integrated technology in classes, including Apple TV for live demonstrations. This flexible space allows for hands-on application activities and participation in team-based learning.

Lounge/Collaborative Study Area

Designed to encourage and facilitate discussion and learning among students, faculty, and staff. Each space is equipped with tables and chairs to allow for formal and informal meeting opportunities. Space is also equipped with a mini kitchen so both traditional and commuter students can eat when needed.

Computer Lab/Research Space

Designed for students to do individual or group research related to areas of study within the Department of Health & Sport Sciences. Each station is equipped with either a desktop or laptop computer.


Clements Center

Rike Center

Freeman Athletic Training and Rehabilitation Center

Lounge/Collaborative Study Area