1847 Minutes for Otterbein Challenge Toolkit

Make your gift at www.otterbein.edu/1847Minutes between 12:00 pm on September 13 through 6:47 pm on September 14 (ET). This online giving challenge is your chance to make a direct impact at Otterbein University.

Ready to advocate for 1847 Minutes for Otterbein? Go to www.otterbein.edu/1847 Minutes, and at the very top right of the campaign page, click sign up. Learn the ins and outs of our giving platform, GiveCampus, by watching our advocate training video (password: Otterbein1847)!

Download the challenge logo to use on your website or email signature.

1847 Minutes Logo

Download this graphic for your Facebook posts and other social media.

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Download this banner to post on Instagram and other social media.

1847 Minutes Social Media Images

Become an advocate for the 1847 Minutes for Otterbein challenge at www.otterbein.edu/1847Minutes so that you can track your impact. Just click “Sign Up” on the top right corner.

Use these sample messages to share the challenge with your friends:

  • I just made a gift to the Otterbein Fund through #1847MinutesforOtterbein! Fellow Cardinals—will you join me in sparing 1 minute for Otterbein? Visit otterbein.edu/1847Minutes.
  • The challenge is on! Join me in supporting Otterbein students with a gift to #1847MinutesforOtterbein at otterbein.edu/1847Minutes.
  • I just made a difference for Otterbein through #1847MinutesforOtterbein! Spare 1 minute and join me at otterbein.edu/1847Minutes!

How did Otterbein impact your life? Record a personal plea video – a short, informal “selfie” video – to tell your audience why they should support the challenge. View Dana Viglietta’s video on last year’s 1847 Minutes for Otterbein page for a sample.

Share your video and the challenge broadly via social media, text, email, etc. so that your network can join in the fun! Use your advocate links to generate clicks and win incentives. 

Suggested language for your personal plea video (15-45 seconds): 

  • Introduce yourself and the 1847 Minutes for Otterbein challenge 
  • State that you already made a gift  
  • Invite your friends to make a gift of any size 
  • Say thanks! 
  • Have fun with it: perfect isn’t important, enthusiasm is! 

Step #4 – Make your gift of any size to the 1847 Minutes for Otterbein Challenge to get things started!

Go to www.otterbein.edu/1847Minutes >