Annual Giving

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The Office of Annual Giving

Annual gifts allow Otterbein to meet pressing needs and priorities such as scholarship assistance, student and faculty research, and general operating support. Annual gifts also supplement the Opportunity Scholarship, which covers the direct cost of tuition up to the student’s full need for qualified students.

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The Office of Annual Giving

The Otterbein Fund supports?

Strategic Priorities: Your gift provides resources for Otterbein’s greatest needs and emerging opportunities. This is the most helpful way to support YOUR University.

Academic Excellence: Your gift strengthens the academic heart of the university by enriching student learning and providing resources for technology enhancements, lab supplies, hands-on learning programs and more.

Student Experience: Your gift enhances the learning environment, supporting the entire campus and providing flexible, immediate-use resources both inside and outside of the classroom.

Scholarships: Your gift provides funding for deserving, talented and qualified students and keeps Otterbein affordable.

Caring for our campus: Your gift keeps Otterbein’s 286-acre campus beautiful, vibrant and safe.

What is an Otterbein Fund Scholarship?

Create an Otterbein Fund Scholarship:
By establishing an Otterbein Fund Scholarship, your support will make a substantial difference in the life of a student. The financial aid available from the University is often the deciding factor in determining whether a student chooses to attend Otterbein. One of the most rewarding experiences for the supporters of The Otterbein Fund Scholarship is learning more about and corresponding with their student recipient.

How it works:
Your commitment to funding the scholarship over four years is a total gift of $10,000. During those years, you will follow your students through their Otterbein career – from their first year on campus to commencement. Below is an example of how supporters have honored their commitment over four years:






Giving at this level qualifies you as a member of the Joanne Van Sant Society (JVS). Otterbein’s JVS members are recognized for their annual leadership support of $1,000 or more and receive insider communication and special invitations to University events.

Eligible Students:
Students who have demonstrated outstanding high school academics and leadership will be considered for the scholarship, and financial aid will be based on a student’s overall application for admission. The scholarship follows the student for all four years, provided they are enrolled full time and maintain a 2.5 GPA or higher.

Name Your Scholarship:
Your scholarship can be named for you, your family, a loved one, or to honor a beloved professor or mentor. After four years, the name and scholarship will end unless you decide to renew. If you appreciate the tradition of helping a new student every four years, consider pledging again, or ask us about endowing your scholarship so that it will support students in perpetuity.

Interested in learning more?
If you would like to make a gift to The Otterbein Fund today, please click here. If you would like to learn more about establishing an Otterbein Fund Scholarship, please contact our Development Team at or 614-823-2707.

Supporting the Opportunity Scholarship

The Otterbein Fund helps support the Opportunity Scholarship.

The Opportunity Scholarship program covers the direct cost of tuition, after all federal and state aid, including the federal Stafford loan, has been applied, up to the student’s full-financial need as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Student Engagement Officers

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Student Engagement Officers play an essential role in Otterbein’s overall success by raising awareness about the importance of giving back. Through leadership, enthusiasm, outreach, and stewardship, Cardinal Ambassadors help increase philanthropic participation amongst the Cardinal community and help their peers stay connected to Otterbein.

Student Philanthropy

The Senior Gift Campaign informs seniors about the importance of philanthropy to Otterbein and invites them to start engaging in the annual alumni giving tradition. This program encourages seniors to feel empowered to be a part of bringing the Otterbein experience to more students for generations to come. Every dollar counts, and a gift, in any amount, is so important and put to work immediately. In fact, you are being supported right now by thousands of alumni donors across the country who contribute to Otterbein University every year!

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