Theory and Practice. Collaboration and Innovation.

School of Professional Studies

The School of Professional Studies at Otterbein provides a professionally based education that is intentionally and successfully blended with a broad based liberal arts education. Working with our highly qualified faculty who are thought leaders in their disciplines, students become adept at critical thinking and problem solving needed in all professions. It is in the integration of our renowned liberal arts program (Integrative Studies) with our professional majors that theory and practice not only meet but thrive.

Our goal is to create a professional as relevant today as they will be in years to come, a professional who is broadly educated, passionate about their work, and a productive member of both family and society. Otterbein provides a unique education designed for your future – you will be ready for your first job as well as future jobs that will provide new challenges and ultimately define your work and life.

The School of Professional Studies is proud to be a part of Otterbein’s redefining of a 21st century liberal arts education.

Dean Barb Schaffner

Greetings from the Dean

Students — Welcome to the professional programs at Otterbein!

As dean, I promise you a comprehensive educational experience that will exceed your expectations. Otterbein delivers a quality educational experience that will take you one giant step closer to realizing your dreams. But it won’t be easy! Success here at Otterbein is a two-way street – dedication and effort is expected from both students and faculty. We expect you to own your education – choose to work with faculty who engage with students in and outside the classroom; get connected with interdisciplinary research; create and innovate with industry partners; and join community efforts that promote the common good.

As an Otterbein student, I challenge you to reach out and take advantage of all these opportunities – come to know the faculty, challenge your peers to think deeply and critically, and participate fully in extracurricular activities that compliment your academics and build community leaders.

I know you made the right decision to come to Otterbein. Otterbein is prepared for you to come to our place; we are ready for you to claim your education!

– Barbara Schaffner, Ph.D., R.N., C.N.P. Dean, School of Professional Studies

Academic Departments in the School of Professional Studies

We take our students seriously and pride ourselves on the personalized attention that fuels learning.