An endowment is a fund established at a charitable institution where gifts to the fund are invested. The endowed fund pays income to Otterbein each year to support the work we do every day. Gifts to an endowment benefit the university in perpetuity.

Growing our endowment is a priority at Otterbein University. Each year, our endowment supports important initiatives like scholarships, programs, faculty/staff, and other areas that are crucial to the livelihood of the university.  The growth of our endowment would increase the funds necessary to power our core values and mission.

Otterbein has specific endowment parameters so your investment will be helpful and effective. Currently the minimum gift to establish an endowed fund is $25,000, which can be paid over 5 years. Endowed funds generally distribute 4% of their principle value each year after they are fully funded and vested.

Otterbein’s donors have shared what they’ve enjoyed most about choosing to establish an endowment, including:

  • Receiving regular reports on the specific impact of their endowed fund. For example, which students have been awarded their scholarship
  • Providing sustainable revenue to support the specific program or major that is closest to their hearts
  • Boosting financial aid to students so access and affordability remains the cornerstone of Otterbein’s educational mission
  • Naming the fund for their family or a person who inspired them, creating a lasting way to honor someone
  • Reporting continues beyond your generation, so that your family members and successors continue to receive the endowment fund information
  • Receiving a charitable tax deduction for the gift
  • Leaving a legacy that will inspire others

If you are interested in making an endowed gift, please contact one of the below Development Officers assigned to your state/area, or Kathleen Bonte, Executive Director of Development, 614-823-2707, kbonte@otterbein.edu

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Types of Endowments


Endowed scholarships are typically awarded to incoming first year students, who are eligible to receive the scholarship for four years. Many donors say how much they enjoy the shared sense of accomplishment on commencement day!

Criteria for the endowment could be academic based, geographic based, or open to students who demonstrate financial need.

University Departments & Programs

Endowed program funds help bring additional value to areas of campus. These can be for academic departments, student services, athletics, and almost any area of campus such as a campus beatification fund. The department for whom the fund is being set up would have authority to decide its use each year, based on guidelines developed by the donor.

Student Enhancement

For many the learning that takes place in the classroom is just one part of the education they receive at Otterbein. Student experiences such as internships, study abroad, research, or community service, are just as critical. To support these experiences for students, donors can set up endowed funds for which students would apply or be awarded.

Student Life

Endowments that support student activities on campus, such as Greek organizations, can be established.

Every aspect of Otterbein’s campus can benefit from additional and steady funding.

Find Your Development Officer

Michael McGreevey

Michael McGreevey

Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Phone: 614-823-1305
Email: mmcgreevey@otterbein.edu
Travels to: Ohio, North Carolina, & South Carolina.
Hometown: Greenville, Ohio
Weekend Activities: Gardening, landscaping, spending time with my wife and three active children.
Favorite Otterbein Traditions: When Otterbein faculty and staff line up along Grove Street to cheer and “clap-in” first-year students as they march to their first convocation of their college careers. Also, the “clap-out” experience when the students exit from their graduation ceremony four years later.

Kathleen Bonte

Kathleen Bonte

Executive Director of Development
Phone: 614-823-2707
Email: kbonte@otterbein.edu
Travels to: Central/Southeast Ohio, Pacific NW, Northern California, & Western Pennsylvania
Hometown: Westerville, Ohio
Weekend Activities: Gardening, attending sporting events, and walking the dog.
Favorite Otterbein Traditions: Hearing the majestic sounds of the Otterbein carillon bells ring out beautiful hymns and chimes each day

Stephanie Clark

Stephanie Clark

Senior Director of Development
Phone: 614-823-1953
Email: clark35@otterbein.edu
Travels to: Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Texas, South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia
Hometown: Elmore, Ohio
Weekend Activities: Hiking Ohio State parks, sports, spending time with family.
Favorite Otterbein Traditions: Singing of the Otterbein Love Song at events



Shannah Paddock

Shannah Paddock

Director of Development
Phone: 614-823-1953
Email: spaddock@otterbein.edu
Travels to: Ohio
Hometown: Bath, Maine
Weekend Activities: Spending time with family, being outside, watching sports
Favorite Otterbein Traditions: Otterfest and Homecoming



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