For the Love of Otterbein, The Time is Now.

The caring on this campus is palpable.

And when the pressure has come, we have risen to it together as a campus community.

We are here to ask you for your help.

We believe that Otterbein can and should emerge from this stronger, not weaker.

John Comerford, President

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past year, it’s that Otterbein is resilient. No matter the hurdle or barrier, we will not let the challenges of yesterday define our future. Our entire Otterbein campus community is motivated by one goal — ensuring that our students succeed.

The key to each chapter of Otterbein’s history is that we come together to serve our students and equip them with the knowledge, skills and resources to become productive, thoughtful members of society who make the world a better place.

We believe in protecting opportunity and we know investing in all students isn’t only the smart thing to do — it’s the right thing to do.

As we approach the 175th anniversary of Otterbein’s founding in 1847, this critical moment in time will impact the next century of our future.

If ever there were a time to ensure that we emerge as strong as possible from this unprecedented period – the time is now.

If ever there were a time to support the most promising, the best, the brightest and those most deserving of an Otterbein education — the time is now.

If ever there were a time to invest in the future of an institution that has always worked to innovate and anticipate the needs of tomorrow — the time is now.

If ever there were a time to show your love for Otterbein – the time is now.

If you have additional questions and want to learn more about how you can make an impact, please contact the Division of Institutional Advancement at 614-823-1305 or e-mail Rebecca May at You may also send donations to:

Otterbein University Institutional Advancement
Attn: For the Love of Otterbein Initiative
1 S. Grove Street
Westerville, OH 43081

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Your Support is Needed for These Areas:

Today S Otterbein

Meeting Urgent Needs to Support Students

Otterbein Fund

Your gift provides resources for Otterbein’s greatest needs and emerging opportunities. This is the most helpful way to support YOUR University!

Student Emergency Fund

Student emergency funds helps provide immediate and future relief for students with emergency needs such as food, toiletries, books, utilities, car repairs, and more.

Learning Tools and Resources

Support for learning tools and resources will help Otterbein provide the necessary technology, software and academic support programs so that all students needing assistance in these areas have the tools they need to succeed.

Support for Social Justice, Inclusion and the Promise House

Otterbein has a history of diversity, inclusion, and equity through educational, social, and service initiatives. We aspire to foster a diverse and inclusive community while promoting the values of respect, open-mindedness, and personal and civic responsibility. We believe that supporting our students in these ways will only help our community become stronger. In addition, the Promise House — a student-led community resource center and food pantry for Otterbein students — builds community to break down socioeconomic barriers to student success. Support of these areas will impact students firsthand.

Scholarships for Access and Affordability

Your support of annually-funded scholarships, including our Opportunity Scholarship, will make a substantial difference in the life of a student. The financial aid available from the University is often the deciding factor in determining whether a student chooses to attend Otterbein. Your gift provides funding for deserving, talented, and qualified students and keeps Otterbein affordable.

Promoting Student Health and Well-being

We are committed to the physical and mental health of our students, especially during this unprecedented time in our world. Otterbein has seen a marked uptick in requests for support services over the past few years. Your support for this area will benefit our ability to provide health-related resources like flu shots for students as well as mental health services from our Counseling Center.

Tomorrows Otterbein

Ensuring Progress for Educational Innovation

Hands-On and Experiential Learning

An education at Otterbein is distinguished by its commitment to applied learning - a liberal arts degree for the real world. Outside of the classroom, students use their knowledge for research, internships, volunteering, leadership, and study abroad experiences. We will continue to invest in these opportunities so that every student will have a chance to apply their coursework to develop important skills that can be applied to their career after Otterbein. Your donation will support an exciting new initiative that will create a custom roadmap for every Otterbein student.

Endowed Scholarships and Funds

Otterbein has a long history of supportive alumni and friends who have created permanent scholarships to benefit future generations of Cardinals. An endowment is a crucial source of funding for research, scholarships, and departmental programs in perpituity. If you are interested in leaving a legacy that endures at Otterbein, consider starting an endowed fund in your name or to honor a loved one. Know that your gift will persevere and grow for decades to come, making an impact for students every single year.

Innovation Fund

The Innovation Fund provides annual and long-term support for projects that help Otterbein advance key priorities. The fund gives University leadership the capacity to launch special initiatives and capitalize on timely opportunities that will benefit Otterbein and its students.

Modernized Campus Center

From the time it was built in the late 1960s, the Campus Center has served as the heart of the University community for countless Otterbein students, faculty, alumni, and friends. A modernized Campus Center will allow for necessary updates to the building infrastructure and much-needed technology and accessibility upgrades. A refreshed Campus Center will foster leadership development, collaboration, and a strong sense of community, all while building a foundation for Otterbein’s future.

New Academic Programs

Higher education is always evolving to meet the needs and interests of students today and tomorrow. When there is a need within the marketplace or society, we want to deliver that educational experience for our students. Providing funding for new academic programs will help Otterbein educate our students on key skills needed within the workforce for in-demand professions.

“If ever there were a time to support the university you love, the time is now.”

President John Comerford, Ph.D.